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Posted 4 years ago

Hi Guy

Looking for the best deals/sites to play from Hungary as i cant access my PS or unibet accounts from here anymore, took them 4 months but now i can only play on them in the uk and im not going back there anytime soon,So little bit of info to help, i play mainly micros 02nl up to 25nl, i think i will create a new unibet account as i love that site but what else would you recommend ? is there any hungarian players on poker vip could shed some light ?
thanks andy

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Posted 4 years ago
Hi @yeti776

Glad I found this thread as I have a little curve ball for you and it is called TonyBet. They are pretty new but as it is ran by the Tony G holding company they are pumping lots of money into the site and have launched with one of the best softwares I have ever played on.

It is very similar to Unibet traffics wise, no HUD and promotions. They also work their rake back with how you actually perform - If you have a bad day and lose 100 euros + you receive 55% for that weeks grind. On top of this you receive

- Upto €2000 bonus which clears at 25%
- Part of the €15k Grinderz League
- Part of our $55k monthly Top 500 rake race
- €1000 reload bonuses

All in al a pretty epic site and it is full of dead money! I actually have just made a 4 part series on there and they will be launched in the next 4 weeks......I played 2 hours total of 10-25nl and won over €200....small sample but it really was printing.

Anything you need myself and @Keri_PokerVIP are around! If you do sign up to TB just PM me your username and email address so I can tag the account.

Best of Luck

Posted 4 years ago*
Hi @yeti776

Yes Tonybet is a solid recommendation if you like the games at Unibet.

Also I would recommend for you Party Poker. They accept from Hungary and offer some very soft games. Our deal there is the best too as they are included in our $55,000 PokerVIP Top 500 rake race which will bring you an average 15% extra rakeback on top of any other returns.

Betvictor on the Microgaming network also is a great deal available to you. High returns + they are also in the rake race. I play both Microgaming and Party myself at the micro stakes, both are great choices, soft games, good deals, decent traffic and nice softwares in my opinion.

As Jon said just email over any details if you sign up and we can get the accounts set up for you.

Best of luck! Smile

Posted 4 years ago
Thank you very much guys i will pm you next week once my finances are sorted and ready , I like the look of all 3 tbh 1 more question if i could, My partner has got the bug and wants to start grinding,can you run too accounts on the same site from the same ip ? i dont want to get in any trouble as it could be seen as collusion even tho im cash and shes more mtt, could someone clarify the rules for us ?
Again thank you for your time Andy
Posted 4 years ago
Hi again @yeti776

I have a nice easy solution for you both. I would recommend you just sign up to different rooms on the same network to save any chance of trouble.

So one of you can sign up to Party and the other BWin. They are pretty much exactly the same deals, same softwares/player pools etc.

Same for Microgaming network. One on Betvictor and the other on Betway. Again almost identical rooms/deals on the same network.

This way you can keep your accounts separate etc. What do you think?
Posted 4 years ago
Hey sorry for the delay on this reply. OK so some rooms have different rules but this is generally the way it goes -

Households can have multiple accounts as long as they belong to different individuals. These players cannot play on the same cash game table however if they were to be seated at the same tournament table this would be fine (some rooms differ but this is the most normal procedure).

As long as you basically don't collude or do anything bad on purpose you should be fine - They may ask for some verification docs but that is standard anyways.

Did you manage to get signed up? If so how are the games?
Posted 4 years ago
Hi guys thanks for the information, Its been a busy weekend but we are final sat down having a scan through the sites,I will pm you the details at some point tonight, We haven't had chance to try the games yet,just going to get the sign up and downloading sorted tonight Smile
thank you andy
Posted 4 years ago
Goo to hear Andy. Don't forget to send your details over when you are done so we can set up the accounts for you and best of luck! Smile
Posted 4 years ago
Hi guys!

I have just registered here (pokervip). I am also hungarian and have a question. I read u offers betvictor deal for hungarians but i can't open the betviktor webpage, it says: restricted area Sad

On an other (hungarian) affilliate site i read betvictor doesn't accept hungarian players anymore. So what is the truth?!

Could you share more info abuot this?! I m afraid i won t be albe to play on that site, but it would be nice to play there if it was possible!

Ps: sry 4 my poor english Smile
Posted 4 years ago
Hi @k4cs41st

Your timing is great actually as we are currently in the middle of updating country restrictions for all deals. Both Betvictor and Betway used to accept from Hungary, however unfortunately now I can see that you are correct and you are now restricted on these rooms.

I have checked and on Microgaming network, you are eligible for both Stan James and PKR - So those will be great alternatives for you on the same network.

Other recommendations which you are definitely eligible for....



Posted 4 years ago
Thx 4 the quick reply!
Posted 4 years ago
No problem Smile don't forget to send your details over if you do sign up so we can set up the account for you.

Email -
Skype - Keri.PokerVIP

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