Posted 4 years ago*
Hi guys,

Just to clarify the details of the rake race... In May PokerVIPs Top 500 race merged with RakeTheRake. Although it is not ideal for the small rakers, it was necessary to ensure longevity and continual growth of the race. There are possible changes in the pipeline that may see more places paid then is currently, I am not certain what is happening just yet but keep an eye out. Smile
Posted 4 years ago*
at the moment 500th gets like 3,2% from the race
fak me
I guess business is business
Posted 4 years ago*
Well, in my opinion you should either grow the total prizes to like 100k and pay the 500th place with at least 20$, or keep the 75k prize pool and pay only the first 300 places with bigger prizes like 50$ minimum for the last place.
Anyway it si hard for me to hit any prize no matter what. Smile
Good luck!
Posted 4 years ago
Bare with us guys, as its the first month of the merge it would be hard to tell how things will pan out, but you know PokerVIP, I am sure things will be adjusted accordingly in future months Smile
Posted 4 years ago
My HM2 is not working at Speed Tables...what do I have to do to make it work?
I have the latest update from HM2. At normal tables it works fine but at Speed it is not.

Thank you!
Posted 4 years ago
Hey @Balonas

Best thing to do is contact HEM support via email on - I have used them a few times and they are pretty fast to respond and you will get the most detailed solution.
Posted 4 years ago
Also guys, as it was mentioned in this thread about the rake race, I just wanted to bring to your attention that this month the race has changed to $77,777 in prizes paying the top 777 and the structure has been altered slightly SmileCheck it out...

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