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Posted 4 years ago


Can anyone just clarify the deal on Betway please.

On the actual Betway Deal page it states it's part of the VIPpromos - ie 777 race etc. Yet when you go to the 777 race page to show eligible rooms it is not one of them there.


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Posted 4 years ago
is it true that betway is off you big race list ???
if so can you change your deals !
Posted 4 years ago
Hey guys,

@Duffer006 sorry that your original post was missed by the way.

Can confirm that Betway are in the rake race yes. However it's possible they will be dropping out as of next month just so you know
Posted 4 years ago*
@lennuk - If you enjoy Microgaming, I would suggest you make a move over to Betvictor at the end of the month if you want in the rake race. The deal is almost identical to Betway as it is now.

- 30% rakeback
- 200% up to $1000 first deposit bonus clearing at 20%
- $75,000 rake race (5-30% extra rakeabck)
- Extra returns from Microgaming promotions

Just create your account here and PM me your Betvictor screen name (name at the tables) email when you are done and I will get you set up.
Posted 4 years ago
small problem conserning BV
"It appears you are accessing our website from a prohibited location.

Local regulations prohibit us from allowing you to log in or place bets on our website.

We cannot accept any transactions from this Jurisdiction."

same goes for betson, betsafe, pkr
have an account at SJ through another aff. so will see where I`m going november
Posted 4 years ago*
What games and stakes are you playing @lennuk ? And what country are you in?
Posted 4 years ago
estonia, we have regulated poker market but it hasnt worked as the goverment hoped meaning that there was really no problem playing on sites that dont have license to operate here. seems like within last year the sites are suddenly being really pssys and checking your IP and residency with full knowledge of how the laws are.
stakes and games are irrelevant, just a recreational Laugh
Posted 4 years ago*
I would suggest you give Party or Unibet a try if you don't already have accounts there. Both rooms have nice soft games and good software. We have the best deals there as they are included in our rake race so you will get some good returns also. I have checked and you can play there from Estonia, as good as our last country restriction update anyway Smile

Feel free to drop me a PM or add me on Skype Keri.PokerVIP if you would like help in setting up.
Posted 4 years ago
kind of like party and have an account there through you but the vip system blows ,same goes for unibet (I absolutly dont care about sng tickets or staff like this) so the rb part is really confusing and rather bad I think plus with all the name changes the notes or knowing the villain you are playing against looses its point so kind of torn as to where this internet poker is going anyway
thanks for the offers
Posted 4 years ago*
I personally prefer softer sites with no HUD these days, but yeah I guess it depends what you are after. I think you should be good on Betfair (ipoker) with 35% rakeback + 200% up to €1500 first deposit bonus clearing at 20% + $75,000 rake race (5-30% extra rakeback) + ipoker promos will get you some good returns Smile
Posted 4 years ago*
no ipoker for estonia Sad cause their software is made here
its not about rb or huds ,but playing anonymously is not my kind of thing. and I like having data on myself, to see how i play ,how much rake etc. And as unibet is changing something about their "rb" meaning giving back more to losers is kind of weird and makes little sense to me. like ongame had their thing .
and trackers have gotten a lot of cheats so not much faith in anonymous rooms.
plus all the point collecting to get a sng ticket that I really really dont want
I play little ,lets say 100 euros in rake in a month ,by collecting points or levels or other crap my volume doesnt match any sensible %. So if you look at it in years perspective by not having flat deal or great promos running beside I give away a lot that way.
another great concept is "PVI" by N8
Posted 4 years ago
The only other room I could suggest that fits your criteria is Tigergaming. You can use a HUD with a converter there, nice soft games, returns are good with the fast clearing first deposit bonus 100% up to $2500 (33%) and they are in our $75,000 rake race (5-30%) - You will also get VIP rewards there and they have their own rake races too so its a nice deal. You can play there from Estonia I believe.
Posted 3 years ago
Betway in your race november ?
and I cant see myself or any player from Betway in october race results ???
Posted 3 years ago*
Hi @lennuk

Betway are no longer in the rake race starting from this month (November) - Players that participated from Betway in October will still get winnings from the race. They are listed under Betvictor.

Anyone who is looking to move from Betway, please drop me a PM and I will be happy to recommend you another room in the race.

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