HM2 Problems with SPEED tables (Betfair poker)

Posted 4 years ago


Can anyone help me with the HM2 at ipoker SPEED tables?! I can't make it work. At the normal tables it works just fine but at the SPEED tables it appears at every seat but instead of the numbers at hte stas I get only:
What do I have to do to make it work?!
I contacted HM2 support and they sent me the standard link with the solution and nothing else. I sent them the logs and a picture with my screen and they said that the image was unclear. BULLSHIT!

I tried to open HM2 as admin and after that Betfiar client as admin and still no change. Sad

Any ideas?!
Thank you!

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Posted 4 years ago
Hi @Balonas

I had the same issue some time ago and I am 99% sure I followed these steps and got it to work.

Give it a try and hopefully this will sort it for you. Really just do every step it says and all should work fine Yes
Posted 4 years ago
Thx @CrazyKeri . It seems that I didn't do this step:

"8) Make sure these two options are enabled: HUD Settings > HUD Filters > Filter by Limits > [x] Includes hands from other limits, and [x] Mix Fast and non-Fast hands together"

So now the hud is working at the speed tables except the fact that it is not showing the correct stats at each player. Only my stats are corect from what I can see. I have the impression that the stats are changing at lower speed that I fast fold the tables.

Any ideas for this to be fixed?
Posted 4 years ago
In what way are they not correct? Can you give an example please?
Posted 4 years ago
The opponents stats are from other players, and not from the ones that I play in that moment at the table. Only I have my stats since I have the same seat every time. I hope that it makes sense what I just wrote here.
Posted 4 years ago
Yes I know what you mean. And you have the stats configured correct on the regular tables? If they are correct on the 6 max reg tables, they should be correct on the speed tables.
Posted 4 years ago
Last time I checked it was correct on regular tables. I'll have to check again, and I'll post another reply here with all the details.
Thanks again @CrazyKeri !
Posted 4 years ago
No problemo! Smile
Posted 4 years ago*
I checked and at the normal tables everything works just fine.

I think that at the SPEED tables HM2 follows just one of the tables switching the stats between them all the time. I play at 6 tables of speed at a time and if I stay a longer time at a table the stats are changing after aproximately 10 sec or so, but not with the correct stats, but other players stats too.

The stat Multi table ratio (or something like that) indicates what I just said earlier. At zoom it showed me the right number like 4 or 6 or 8, depending of what I played there. On Speed it just shows the number 1. I don't know what is wrong with it! Sad
Attached Image

Any suggestions?
Posted 4 years ago
Did you try steps 9 and 10 at all? Maybe you should give them a try.

9) When playing Ipoker Speed, make sure to open in this order:
Open Holdem Manager 2
Open Ipoker
Begin Importing hands
Begin playing hands

10) If you have any problems with the HUD on Speed tables try the following:
Export any custom HUD configs.
Open the HM2 > HUD Settings > :HUD Designer menu > Click 'Reset' > [x] All Configs > OK
Manually reset your Site Setup > Preferred Seating > for your site/seats
Try to reproduce the problem using the default HUD/settings. If it works properly you can try importing your customized HUD again.
Posted 4 years ago
I tried 9 and it didn't change anything.

I was scared to try number 10, so that I don't screw my HM2 entirely. Smile
I'll give it a try and come back with un update.

TY! Smile
Posted 4 years ago
Posted 4 years ago
@CrazyKeri I tried number 10, but it is still not working. I made two print screens at the same table that I opened to test HM2 after implementing number 10. Here it is:
Attached Image

I guess that I'll have to contact HM2 suport again and see what is their opinion about this.

If you have any other ideeas @CrazyKeri it would be great.

Thank you!
Posted 4 years ago
Hmmm, yes unfortunately I am out of ideas sorry! Yes I would send HM another email to ask and see what they say.

Hope you find a resolution. If you do, let us know Smile
Posted 4 years ago
It finally worked. I uninstaled the new poker client from Betfair and the old one too, reinstaled a new one from betfair site and it is all good now.

Posted 4 years ago
Excellent, good to hear! Smile

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