How To Enter Bonus Code on Natural8 and Get 35% Cashback?

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PokerVIP are offering 35% cashback at Natural8, so follow the simple steps below to begin collecting your cash now!

1) Click through the "Play Now" button on the Natural8 deal.

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2) Click sign up on the "sign up" button on the Natural8 landing page.

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3) Make sure when making your account you click "Have a bonus code? Click here!"

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4) A bonus code field will populate - make sure you enter the code: pokervip

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Once you have entered the code and completed the account creation process, you will start getting your 35% cashback!

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Posted 3 years ago*
The page just says "Sorry! This deal is not available." to me? Is it because I'm on Windows?
Posted 3 years ago*
Ok, never mind, the page is working fine now.
They don't have paypal though, and my bank LOVES blocking deposits from my cards, so I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to deposit.

EDIT: Ok to withdraw you need Neteller. Is it just like paypal?
Posted 3 years ago
how much is the rake ?
Posted 3 years ago*
Rake info is at bottom of this page:

It's 5% throughout, with considerably higher rake caps than the 'normal' sites. Hopefully the 35% rakeback and soft field will offset this somewhat.
Posted 3 years ago
Does anyone know if the buyin plus rake is returned for fortune spins when you get a cookie card?
Posted 3 years ago
Yo everyone

Please check out the Natural8 thread for all information and to ask any questions.


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