Looking for the ultimate new deal

Posted 3 years ago

Hey all.

I know I can just go research what is available, and I sure will.

But I'm looking for a new site to make a deposit. And really looking for a great deal, with starter bonuses. RB and also any upcoming offers that some may know of.

I do have a Tonybet account. And I made a unibet account a while back for the staking, so I may have to do something to make a new account there as I won't benefit from some offers I believe? I had to make the account at the time but never used it as I was told to make it for the staking but it never ended up being used.

But that's about it really. Just want to make the best of my next period of playing poker in the near future.

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Posted 3 years ago
Hey @Grocker6 You made the Unibet account through Prostaker on VIP you mean? or another website? If its untracked we can possibly get you a retag there. You can just PM me your login name + email for the account and I will request it for you. Unibet is a great choice to be honest for all games, not sure what you are playing at the moment?

Posted 3 years ago*
Hey @CrazyKeri , I made the account with the staking before ProStaker took over it last year, when Jon was looking after it. I'm not currently staked. I'll PM you the name and email now.
Posted 3 years ago
Ah right then you should be tagged in that case! Will PM you back in regards to this.

Would also recommend Natural8 if you are playing cash games. Games are so soft there, good traffic and the software is really decent. Deal is 35% flat rakeback paid weekly direct to account, just make sure you use the code PokerVIP when you sign up if you give that a try.

Also Betvictor on Microgaming you can get some very good returns on. Good traffic there these days too. You will get 30% rakeback + 200% up to €1000 first deposit bonus which clears at 25% + PokerVIP $20,000 Points chase (av 10% rakeback) + promotions.

Those would be my recommendations + Sky Poker if you don't already have it for super soft games. Nodding
Posted 3 years ago
A couple more things. My BetVictor account was also used for the staking and I received 20%RB instead of the 30%RB at the time (for the stakees) and I'm guessing I'd need to have that sorted so I'm not getting less of a deal than I should be if I'm just using the account as normal if I chose to play back there which I might. Also the deposit bonus may not be active as my BV account is already existing. My problem is that I was only allowed to get the deal that I got due to do me being staked at the time.

Also I've been looking at the poker rooms linked to iPoker and they seem to be pretty cool generally with the straight up RB. I remember getting a nice amount a while back on Titan. But what do others think of iPoker in general these days? I'm thinking Boyle or PaddyPower, but not sure yet. I'm just trying to figure out what can be best.
Posted 3 years ago*
Can you log in to Betvictor client > click options (top right of client) > click points and tell me what VIP tier you are please? You should be good to go there I would say if the account is tracked to us.

I'm not a fan of ipoker personally but if I was going to play there I'd probably go with Coral. Flat 30% rakeback + 20% bonus + $55k Rake race + they have some real decent promotions there.
Posted 3 years ago
Hey @Grocker6 what room did you go with in the end? And how are you getting on? Smile

Have not forgotten about your Unibet retag by the way, still waiting on an answer currently Yes
Posted 3 years ago
I still haven't made my move yet. I will do soon, maybe this month. Just messing around on Stars until I do, but I'm not in any rush. The last month has been a little busy anyway Smile
Posted 3 years ago
Grocker6: I still haven't made my move yet. I will do soon, maybe this month. Just messing around on Stars until I do, but I'm not in any rush. The last month has been a little busy anyway :)

Ok cool, well I will drop you a PM as soon as I hear from Unibet, good luck in the mean time!
Posted 3 years ago
@Grocker6 2017 gonna be over soon brah!
Posted 3 years ago
Hey @Grocker6 See if you can have Jon or Keri speak with Shaun over at BV or maybe you can directly. I was actually able to speak with him and he helped me get setup on BV, through PokerVIP and still get a 1st time deposit bonus and @Keri_PokerVIP made sure I got tagged at the diamond level for the 30% rb. I got the 1st time deposit bonus even though I had an account signed up with them for the staking last year. He was super helpful as was Keri.

IMO the tables are better than before when we played. A lot more games and I feel like it is softer. Maybe I am just better too, IDK Smile

Message me on Skype if you got any questions
Posted 3 years ago*
Yeah I think PKR joining the network has certainly added in some softer traffic! And of course if you would like us to ensure your old BV account is good to go, just PM me your screen name + email there and I will sort.

Still waiting on an answer about your retag for Unibet by the way. Will chase this up now for you.
Posted 3 years ago
Ok I'm ready to start making a deposit. I've checked out Betsafe, and that sort of thing... however I've noticed that now Microgaming is no long part of the rake race? I really just want to get the best deal that I can make the best of. Decent games, RB, rakerace etc.
Posted 3 years ago
Hi Grocker,

Microgaming are no longer part of the Top 500 Rake Race, this is because Microgaming themselves have stopped allowing skins on their network to be a part of rake races.

However we have an exclusive MPN $20k Points Chase, more info on this HERE, giving you roughly the same returns as you would have received in the Top 500 Race.
Posted 3 years ago
Is rakeback still offered too?
Posted 3 years ago
I see stuff about exchanging points on BetSafe, just want to be clear what kind of thing that is. Is it like StarsCoins but MPN version?
Posted 3 years ago
Yep you will be getting 30% rakeback, which you get by earning points (yep, same as Starcoins, but worth much more), which you then exchange for cash when you want to

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