Natural8 Problem

Posted 2 years ago


I just tried to log into my N8 account and got this message

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I spoke with support and they said that I cant access there site any more because they are awaiting approval from the UKGC. Not seen anything anywhere about them even applying for one, when did this begin?. Also the guy said I could use a VPN, would I be ok doing that seems as though he suggested it?, if so could you recommend any good VPN's?, also what is the position with All In Asia?. Sorry for all the questions Laugh

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Posted 2 years ago
Hey Gus, yes currently you cannot play on GG network from the UK. They are in the process of acquiring a licence and hopefully it wont be too long before that is sorted. Would not recommend using a VPN at all as you risk your account. Allinasia is the same, its a network wide restriction for GG although you can still play on IDN on AllinAsia if that would be of interest to you?

Posted 2 years ago
Yeh think I might give them a whirl, whats my best option for cashing out?.
Posted 2 years ago*
Skrill or Neteller is best. I'm sure you will enjoy IDN, some very soft traffic over there and once GG has UK licence you can play there through AiA also. There is also a few other smaller sites you can access too and soon you will have access to Pokermonster which is another big Asian network.

Just need to create your account here then PM me over your login name + email when you are done Yes

Posted 2 years ago
Is it possible to withdraw to stars still, if so do you have to pay any fees?.

Posted 2 years ago
Hey @Gus Fring have PM'd you!

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