PokerVIP Challenge - HighStakes are IN!

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From April, new site High Stakes are joining our flagship promotion, the PokerVIP Challenge!

HighStakes offer it's players the chance to play vs Asia along with top poker pros such as Luke Schwartz and Cole South, as well as over $100k GTD in daily tournaments plus are part of the OnlinePokerLeague where they offer over $5000 in added value each season!

Over on the cash tables, the action is INSANE! You can straddle, run it more than once, and also go all-in blind! The Asian players just LOVE to gamble and you can easily profit from their willingness to get their money in the middle!

With a unique VIP system players earn coins which can be exchanged at varying rates for cash, tournament tickets, merchandise, cash game shots and much more!

P2P: Transfer funds to your friends, horses or anyone you like!

SIGN UP HERE and if you have any questions get in touch!

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Posted 2 years ago
Looks good.

How does these chinese sites works? Its like Highstakes, GGpoker and such. Ist the same network? I have not followed it good at all to know. Thanks
Posted 2 years ago
Hi Kim.

Yeah, High Stakes is run on the GG Network, which is in the Top 10 of poker networks worldwide. Traffic is good, the action is sick and the rewards are even better!
Posted 2 years ago
All in with 72 in a $2000 pot! The action really is sick, rich people just wanting to get money on the tables!

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Posted 2 years ago
A $3.5k pot with just 2 pair!


Sign up now and get involved! Maybe not at these stakes but the action is thick and fast at all levels!

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Posted 2 years ago*
It's not just the PLO tables where the action is either!

Check out this hand from the $10/$20 tables! #SickBluff

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Posted 2 years ago
Railed these games the other day and wowza it is intense. It is the site where huge whales and degens go to blast off chips.

Saw a player lose $75k straight playing PLO5k in under an hour!
Posted 2 years ago*
It's just mental!

They literally just want to flip for $1000s!

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I would definitely be Signing Up and taking advantage if I could!
Posted 2 years ago
Solid PLO strategy!
Posted 2 years ago
A gift from Seb!

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