Unibet poker "Bonus Points"

Posted 3 years ago


What do "Bonus points" mean? How can I get them?
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Thank you!

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Posted 3 years ago
Hi @Balonas from what I can see you need to complete all steps of the challenges in order to earn the bonus points.
Posted 3 years ago
Thx @CrazyKeri !

Now I see how I can earn bonus points...they can be achieved as reward and by completing some challenges.
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I really don't know if this new system is worse than the last one but maybe someone can figure it out. Smile

Good luck!
Posted 3 years ago
Ah great, thanks for posting. Smile
Posted 3 years ago
Does anyone now how is the rakeback on the new UNIBET poker?
What %?

Posted 3 years ago
I got a response from an UNIBET guy:
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You have to grind hard at 200NL and 400NL to get some rakeback. Smile

Posted 3 years ago
What is better to do with points? Buy cashgame tickets or play threw the bonus?
Posted 3 years ago
Whatever is your personal preference I guess! I personally would opt for the playthrough bonus if you are planning to continue playing there as this will be released into your account as cash and you can play whichever games you want to release it. If you are solely a cash game player though the cash game tickets might be preferable.

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