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Posted 4 years ago

Hi Guys and Gals.

So I've been playing at TonyBet for about 3 weeks now (2NL) been doing really good and defiantly crushing the site Smile

only one problem.....because I'm currently in Australia and the time difference is shocking i find myself alone when i sign in and therefore have to start games myself. basically i play a lot of heads up at the start till it gets a bit busier.

now my heads up game is terrible!! and i mean TERRIBLE!!

so was wondering anyone could point me in the right direction of videos or help to improve this part of my game Smile

Cheers Richard

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Posted 4 years ago
hey fishy, you might want to try some other sites for action in normal poker. TonyBet is mostly for Open faced Chinese
Posted 3 years ago
TonyBet is the last site im playing on
Posted 3 years ago
Nothing wrong with TonyBet, and to be honest I think there's more NLHE action than OFC at the minute. And if you're winning on the site I would say to keep playing there. I've been doing pretty decent in tournies on there recently (OFC as well as NL)
Posted 3 years ago
I played on TonyBet a few months ago, whilst it had the reload bonus, you were getting 50% Rakeback. However now its 25% and the rake is 5% capped at 2.5 Euros, so you're essentially playing uncapped rake at anything lower than 25NL. Would recommend trying to find another site!

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