How easy to get overconfident

Posted 3 years ago

So new to poker and have been crushing it in the micros.... folow Blackrain79's micro strategy

feeling invincible playing against the fish and winning then after 4 hours today i get AKclubs in but and raise ... fish in Sb calls and flop comes 729 rainbow...chks and i Cb usually to a call so not too worried at this - turn is 5h chks again and i bet steal as this is where they usually fold and had been for the last hour since joining the table.....i get reraised all in.

inside me screams hit fold - outside I hit call ....why I know im beat, I have nothing and know they have a monster even calling set as soon as I called....but my ego just wouldnt let it go,,,arrrrggh.

Not tilted about the hit but at myself for letting my ego get ahead of my reason.big big lesson learnt 4 hours of play and half my stack gone in one click.

I suppose I can look at it as paying for learning a valuable confident yes ... invincible not.

Thanks for letting me get it of my chest and by the way the river was the fourth 9!!!!!!

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Posted 3 years ago
This is what separates good players from great players. Just remember that the next time you go to do something wrong.
Posted 3 years ago
Least you're self-aware of your mistake which means you're less likely to make that happen again.

I was semi-expecting you to get it in on the turn drawing almost dead to hit your one outer though...maybe in your next PokerVIP post. Evil grin

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