Not a journey just a one off update....

Posted 4 years agoEdited 4 years ago

Hi everyone, basically just want to share something I am proud of.

The last two days, I have started out by getting down early, but managed to turn it around and end up with a profit in both sessions.

Doesn't sound like much but it's really a situation I wouldn't have found myself in couple of months ago, I'd have tilt quit, or else titled tilted the other way by thinking I need to get back to break even and spewing my buy in as a result.

Not that I am a hugely losing player over the long term, but in terms of a single session when I get down I struggled to snap out of it and would tilt quit.

My focus and ability to not tilt is getting way better, I managed to pause, sat out two hands recognise I made some fishy plays (passive and loose) and be more TAG.

I don't even care if anyone reads this, it's not that kind of brag - it just felt good to say it out loud (virtually speaking).

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Posted 4 years ago
Nice one Aldo, what was the reason for you to keep on playing, whereas before you would just quit?

Defo a big step forward although it looks rather simple, took me a while to overcome this as I always felt sorry for myself when I got a beat.
Posted 4 years ago
Nice post and it is always a great feeling to power out of a bad session and feel proud of doing it!

Keep at it and just always know volume + playing your best in the long run will result in profit!
Posted 4 years ago
Thanks both.

Harvie - I think it was the fact that I wasn't feeling sorry for myself - I wasn't blaming bad beats or other players being wild and the way people sometimes justify it - I recognised that I was down due to a couple of flaws in my own play. I focused on making the adjustment and taking a breath before clicking a button, and it was enough to get out of the hole...just a better mindset and improved confidence that has come form studying.

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