Spin & Go Mini Challenge!

Posted 3 years ago

Hey everyone, I made a tiny deposit into Pokerstars for the fun of it and thought I'd go for a challenge which will be talked about in the video below.
Basically it's a challenge that will start with Spin & Gos and we will see if I can build a bankroll with this fun challenge.
Yes this is Stars... but at the lowest stakes here the games are as soft as hell! As you will see...

I'm going to graph out the results after every single game on Google Sheets and the can get a nice visual of how I'm doing throughout!


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Posted 3 years ago
Ha Sick!

One other option is the new Fish Party SnGs released on MPN: Click ME
Posted 3 years ago
Nice Smile Seems like a lot of places are doing this kinda thing now!
Posted 3 years ago
Posted 3 years ago*
Played around 31 games or so today. Had the usual bad beats and all that but seems like so many of these games are easy to beat (so far!).

Each game I've played is 25c buyin. But I will move up if/when my BR allows. Not sure when that will be yet though.

So this is the graph so far. Lot's of fun playing these games, and this whole challenge is just a big bit of fun really!

I actually started my roll at $10.09 but started the challenge when I had $11.84. (Only played Spin & Gos so far).

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Posted 3 years ago*
Hey! Day 2 and I played pretty solid today, the odd human error but overall just happy with things. I had a period where I ran like bollocks, and you'll see that in the graph. Quite a few games where I felt like I wasn't allowed to win a flip or whenever I was ahead all in! (About 2/3 way through till the final binks) Stuck with the solid strategy and ended up binking a couple of bigger games near the end as I was about to finish. Good times and having fun!

So as of writing this, I've played 92 Spin and Gos so far. They still seem really soft!

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Posted 3 years ago
Keep up the good work! Saw you were streaming last night but couldn't tune in as I was recording some videos for the evening, glad to see it went well though! Will hopefully get to catch some on Twitch if you keep streaming it Smile
Posted 3 years ago
I like playing them, but getting min-prizes tilts the **** out of me. When I was playing the 100 x $5 spins for the forum thing a while ago, out of the 100 spins, only like 9 were above the minimum $10 and got no more than a $30 spin so you do have to be winning constantly if you don't pick up any decent spins
Posted 3 years ago*
Hey man, have you got a link to that forum thread?

Yeah in these games things seem to be pretty crazy and swingy, and it's the ones wit 4x or 6x the buyin that you really wanna be winning.

Looks like maybe you got pretty unlucky with the draw when you played as I've had a fair few 4x and 6x games come my way, 3 out my last 4 with 4x the BI but maybe I've been pretty fortunate then? Overall the 4x is about 18% and 6x is 7.5% to get.

I've played 126 so far.
Posted 3 years ago
I can only find this thread from a year ago which we did after I played the $500 roll one (done over 2 nights on Twitch).

Posted 3 years ago
Found it!


Results on page 6, we actually made a small profit as well. Very cringey video on there haha why did people let me have my beard like that! #cleanshavenftw
Posted 3 years ago
Hey guys, so I played 150 games of Spin and Gos.

I decided to end my challenge there and record the last few games on video.

Things didn't go great at the end but still profited in the game overall.
I decided to stop at 150 games just because playing 25c games 1 at a time and noting down every result kinda got a bit tedious, and I just wanna kinda chill and play some zoom or something.
I had fun though and got a nice feel for what these games are like.
Anyway the graph is in the vid if anyone is interested. Quite a downswing at the end but what can I say, I ran like a 1 legged horse.

Got a long Zoom video coming up and the session had everything. Badbeats... big hands... comebacks. Fun times. Seems odd playing on stars but I'll deposit to another site some time soon when I get a bit more free cash.

Posted 3 years ago
try playing 6 tables spin-n-go's at the same time, much more fun

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