The TonyBet PokerVIP Cash Game Table Thread

Posted 2 years ago


So some awesome news is that we now have 2 private tables in the TonyBet Poker lobby

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These tables are open for anyone to play in and have all the same features as other TB tables such as run it twice and straddling. There is no password required so anytime you want to sit and challenge a VIP member go ahead!

We will be playing on these tables a lot in the upcoming 6 months and will always post when we will be in this thread. You can also try to arrange games anytime you like......we never say no when called out!

Also these tables will be used for us to get footage for coaching videos. Coaches such as myself and @Spraggy will play in these games, record them and release them here! We will analyze each and every hand played by ourselves and our members! This will truly help anyone's game! So don't be scared BRAHs...come at us!

Make sure you follow this thread so you never miss any action!

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Posted 2 years ago
We have started the tables at 10nl to keep it friendly....FOR NOW!
Posted 2 years ago
Ohhh love it! Let the battles begin! LaughPunch
Posted 2 years ago
Sat waiting if anyone fancies a tussle Cheeky
Posted 2 years ago
It's on

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Posted 2 years ago
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Posted 2 years ago
nicely running with 2 tables now, and im actually winning Surprised
Posted 2 years ago
Poker Hand #39094817: Hold'em No Limit (€0.05/€0.10 eur) 2017/01/23 17:18:13 GMT
Table 'PokerVIP Cash Game Table I I' 6-max Seat #4 is the button
Seat 1: VIP1 (€12.33 in chips)
Seat 2: ErnestoSel (€13.38 in chips)
Seat 3: DiGrand (€3.85 in chips)
Seat 4: rulegospodin (€8.65 in chips)
Seat 5: ryann1 (€9.75 in chips)
Seat 6: killjoy1987 (€20.87 in chips)
ryann1: posts small blind €0.05
killjoy1987: posts big blind €0.10
VIP1: posts straddle €0.20
*** HOLE CARDS ***
ErnestoSel said, ";p;"
ErnestoSel: folds
VIP1 said, "last hand guys"
VIP1 said, "dont u dare"
VIP1 said, "im alllllllll in baby"
DiGrand: calls €0.20
rulegospodin: folds
ryann1: folds
VIP1 said, "be careful kj"
killjoy1987: raises €0.60 to €0.80
VIP1: raises €12.13 and is all-in
killjoy1987 said, "xD"
DiGrand: folds
VIP1 said, "u asked for it"
killjoy1987 said, "my 2nd fav hand"
killjoy1987: calls €11.53
VIP1 said, "my 2nd"
*** FLOP *** [Th Qd 3d]
*** TURN *** [Th Qd 3d] [5c]
*** RIVER *** [Th Qd 3d 5c] [Qc]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
VIP1: shows [Kh Kd] (two pairs, Kings and Queens)
killjoy1987: shows [Qh 9s] (three of kind, Queens)
Posted 2 years ago
LOL! God damn Q9!
Posted 2 years ago
Wtf lol. I love how it shows the chat in HH Rolling on the floor laughing
Posted 2 years ago*
this ErnestoSel is a son of a bitch bitch sit down you son of a bitch
Posted 2 years ago
Pretty sick first day of action over there! Didn't record any of it but was a lot of fun!

Anyone about today for a grind?
Posted 2 years ago
I'll jump on in a bit, had 2 full tables for quite a while, I was on the waiting list for one for ages. Be interesting to see how many from here are playing there, recognised a few names
Posted 2 years ago
Waiting for action! Won 2.5 buy-ins yesterday, very rare for me so looking to give it back today! Got 2 hours to play
Posted 2 years ago
Sat, ready AND waiting!
Posted 2 years ago
tables are empty
Posted 2 years ago
@kuca86 On now
Posted 2 years ago
You want some? I'll give it ya!
Posted 2 years ago
In just 60 minutes time myself and Spraggy will be starting these tables and recording the action! Want in? Just make sure you come sit down at 11am GMT today and we will be there Smile
Posted 2 years ago
The first parts of this new series will go live in the next 24 hours after a very exciting session yesterday!

If you want to get involved please view the deal and create your account Here

Videos coming soon!

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