Volume Battle!

Posted 2 years ago

Thought I'd put a post up and see if anyone would be interested in a little volume battle for the rest of January? Maybe for the last 2 weeks?

It's a new year and like with most things, a lot of us get a RENEWED focus on our goals, so I thought now could be a good time, and also having these little extra challenges can give you that little bit more of a push and determination and it's especially good if you are taking part in something like the PokerVIP Challenge!

As players are playing different formats of poker, I'm thinking we run it based on hours played? So it would be whoever plays the most hours of poker in that time period?

You would have to have some kind of tracker or HUD in order to correctly get this info!

Draft challenge:

Dates: 14th - 31st January 2018
Buy-in: $10
All Welcome
Whoever plays the most hours of poker between those dates (and can prove it), takes all!

@fergrberger@cutalegoff@Pwll@FG_SpaceLord@kuca86@Cookie Monster

Also welcome any thoughts on how we could do it differently, let just get something going!

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Posted 2 years ago
i would be glad to take part, but i m playing on MPN and i do not use anymore tracking softver, if there is another way to track progres i would take part. any ideas?
Posted 2 years ago
I may be up for this one and you'll need to go a bit to beat me! I'll have to clear it with the coach first though after my leson tomoz. Smile
Posted 2 years ago
sounds fun... I am in Smile
Posted 2 years ago
Sounds like this could be a go then, and with @Pwll setting down the gauntlet early!

Just thinking how we could run it for sites that don't accept tracking software, or another way to do the challenge
Posted 2 years ago
maybe overall bb won, not per 100 hands. i m in disadvantage with this count because i play NL50 and NL100, but i would to challenge for fun.
Posted 2 years ago
In bed with flu so have to give this one a miss dammit. I was shaking like Elvis's leg all night.

Lucky you! Emo

Have fun.
Posted 2 years ago
We could maybe organise this for February?

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