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Posted 2 years ago

Hey guys,

Unfortunately, our WCOOP package kind of fell apart, but the couple here who were interested came through, so I thought I would gauge interest in a regular mid-stakes package (4-5 sessions per week) where I'd be selling action to 10-12 MTTs per day ranging from $22 to $55 (with select $11 and $16.50 events included and certain $109s to be added as we grow the roll a bit). Sessions (part that I am selling action for) would be around $400 per day and I'd be selling half that, or around $200 per day.

I'd need it to sell out or very close in order to make it feasible, which is why I am gauging interest on a regular package instead of just offering up one and seeing how it goes. I may sell on 2+2 if it doesn't seem likely to generate interest here, but I'm not as well known there outside my PG&C and I have developed a decent reputation here for being prompt and honest, so I thought if a few guys wanted to discuss a regular arrangement, I'd happily create a Journey here and post results and chart my growth as I try to get back to a full time grinder and to give back something to the PokerVIP site.

Anyway, post here or PM me with your thoughts and we'll see if we can get something going for a week from Sunday (Nov. 26).

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Posted 2 years ago
As always i'd be interested. But it look like you will need a lot of interest to get this one going. I'm happy with whatever. We'll see if anyone else wants to join.
Posted 2 years ago
Yah, it may not work exactly as my post planned if there aren't many interested on this site these days, but if it turns out only you are interested, then I can always post packs for you if I can sell elsewhere for the balance. I'll let you know how it develops. But thanks for the interest either way!
Posted 2 years ago*
Usually it takes 1 person to take interest then the rest follow. some of the regulars on here know you buy now and I've got more back in return than I've staked so its an easy decision for me Smile

But the place has went quit, I've not been here in a long time and just happened to swing by. Hopefully it gets a little more interest, even if its a completely different package people want.


....I can't remember the other regular stakers. Any interest in a package from Satellite?
Posted 2 years ago
Appreciate the support BarraBod, but seems like it's not to be. No problem. I will probably just skip adding in the higher events for 3-6 months and work my bankroll up the old fashioned way.

Take it easy guys!
Posted 2 years ago
Hey, I would in the future, but at the minute especially with xmas coming up, disposable income is low ATM
Posted 2 years ago
That's fair enough, we'll put a pin in it for now and see what 2018 brings. Appreciate the support though. Have a happy holidays guys!

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