Live Package - MPN Manchester + Goliath Coventry

Posted 3 years ago

Hi guys,

I'm playing a number of live comps over the next few weeks, at the Microgaming Poker Tour in Manchester next week and at the Grosvenor Goliath festival in Coventry at the beginning of August.


MPN Manchester
21st July - Turbo No Limit Hold'em - £110
22nd July - MPN Omaha Cup - £150
23rd July - Doubles NLHE - £55 (@CGPoker is my partner Wink )

Goliath Coventry
3rd Aug - APAT 8 Game Championship - £83
4th Aug - Goliath Main Event - £120
5th Aug - APAT Main Event - £83
6th Aug - APAT PLO Championship - £58

Total Buyins - £659 ($850)

Will also throw in the Micromillions Main Event on Pokerstars for free - $22 ($1million guaranteed)

Markup at 1.08

In my last 2 live packages, £16.50 investment got a return of £400 and my last APAT/Grosvenor package returned £65 for a £20 investment. Cashed for over $10,000 in the past 12 months playing small buy-in comps, all of which are blogged on my Journey threads HERE and HERE.

Shares available in any amounts.

10% - £71.20 ($92)
5% - £35.60 ($46)
2% - £14.24 ($18)
1% - £7.12 ($9)

Skrill or PayPal preferred (PM for details)

Also Pokerstars - send to killjoy1987

Trusted seller with strong history and many previous backers.

Any questions let me know.


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Posted 3 years ago
sent money at ps, good luck mate in all of it.
Posted 3 years ago
10.5% sold so far, plenty available
Posted 3 years ago
another 5% gone. Prob sell to 50 maybe 60%
Posted 3 years ago
5% to @fergrberger and 10% to @CanonRebel
Posted 3 years ago
10% privately
Posted 3 years ago
Posted 3 years ago
sent the rest mate, makes it 2% in total, ok bud?
Posted 3 years ago
Well this is just gr8. GL ALL
Posted 3 years ago
I have 3.5% available if you want it @Jon-PokerVIP
Posted 2 years ago
good luck bud. will have a 888 package up soon
Posted 2 years ago
10% opened up due to a non-payer. Needs to be today
Posted 2 years ago
update please bud?
Posted 2 years ago
We stone cold bubbled the Doubles comp Sad Gutted. Min cash was £330. There was a "pay bubble" discussion where bubble would get £200 but 1 player out of all (from the short stacked team) refused. They then went on a heater and we bubbled.

Busto so far. Goliath next week hopefully do a bit better!
Posted 2 years ago
good luck bud
Posted 2 years ago
Did you win?
Posted 2 years ago
good luck this week bud
Posted 2 years ago
Jon-PokerVIP: Did you win?

Starts Thursday, got 10% of the Goliath section available due to a non-payer if you want it
Posted 2 years ago
Just seen this!

Did you win? Laugh
Posted 2 years ago
Meh It wasn't me!Laugh

Bubbling the MPN Doubled comp for £330 hurt. Did decent in the 8-game but didn't cash, and then was doing well in the APAT PLO Championship, but lost a huge pot for all the chips against a guy who was willing to get all his chips in the middle with 5689 1 suited, then called off the rest with a pair of 5s on the flop...

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