MPN MANCHESTER PACKAGE for sale 20.-23. July, Value 1500€

Posted 3 years ago

i won a package for the MPN Pokertour in July in Manchester and want to sell it.

Here the facts:
-Entry into the £550 Main Event (£150,000 Guaranteed)
-Entry into the £110 MPNPT Manchester Poker Cup
-Accommodation for four nights at the Park Inn by Radisson including breakfast for you and a guest
-A Players Welcome Party where you can meet the other players and the MPN staff
-€200 towards your travel and expenses

Further information abot the package and the venue:

The tournament Buyins for 660 Pounds (780€) are like cash and on top of that there are another 200€ cash in the package.
The hotel is a 5! star hotel.

Since i am new here some words to this so you dont have to worry at all. I have won the package on Stanjames. The sell if offcially allowed. And is going via the Stanjames pokermanager directly. Which means once we managed to agree to a price, we both message him that. And then the money will be deducted from your account and the package be credit, all done by him. And for me it s the other way around. So there is zero risk involved, neither for you nor for me.

Price is negotiable!

Write your offers here in the Thread or send me a private message

If you have any questions feel free to ask Smile


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Posted 3 years ago
Push Smile
What s the issue? Why is noone intrested? I thought there are a lot of UK players here? Nice stop and you will get some discount Wink

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