Sunday 18th Feb Package!

Posted 2 years ago

As a precursor to THIS, I'm going to play a small session this Sunday 18th Feb.

Total buy-ins $95.60 and selling up to 50%, slight mark-up just to make it a round $100 to keep it simple! All bounties included in cashes as normal.



19:00 - €22 ($28) Satellite to Norway Open - Sick value in this satellite, and if I manage to bink a package, your percentage will carry over to the main event!


18:00 - Sunday Storm NLHE - $11
18:04 - 5 Card PLO Prog Knock Out - $11
19:04 - 5 Card Pot Limit Omaha - $3.30
19:24 - 5 Card PLO Prog Knock Out - $7.50
19:46 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo - $7.50
20:04 - 5 Card NL Omaha PKO - $11
20:12 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo - $2.20
20:15 - Hot $3.30 NLHE - $3.30
20:30 - Bounty Builder NLHE - $7.50
20:39 - Pot Limit Omaha 6Max - $3.30


Obviously it's very PLO focused, as I believe that this is my stronger game, especially in MTT's. This session will be a starter before putting a regular schedule together that will include PartyPoker as well, but this will also give me an idea of the games I'll be playing on Pokerstars.

$100 Total - selling up to 50%.

2.5% - $2.50
5% - $5
10% - $10

Can send on Pokerstars to killjoy1987 or message if you want to send via PayPal/Skrill or PartyPoker!

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Posted 2 years ago
Few live results to just show I know how to play Omaha, doesn't include a 2nd place this Monday gone in a 5-Card Omaha game that hasn't been uploaded to Hendonmob yet.

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Will play the session regardless, I know it's bit of short notice but oh well Smile

Posted 2 years ago
10% sold to @CanonRebel
Posted 2 years ago
I'll take 10% too, will try to send pokerstars right away
Posted 2 years ago
Booked. 30% left
Posted 2 years ago
Will take the 30%
Posted 2 years ago
Rest gone to @fergrberger, good luck good luck
Posted 2 years ago
Guts satellite was a miss sadly

Onto Pokerstars, played 9 of the 10 scheduled (Hotter $3.30 missed due to number of tables and didn't want to get lost in omaha and omaha8 tables!)

Cashed 3. Narrowly missing out on 2 final tables (10th and 12th on 9 handed tables). The $11 5 Card No Limit Omaha PKO I don't think I'll play again, was stupid, not many runners (like sub 30), and it was pretty much 100bb+ all in pre's so there's not much play so won't have this on any regular schedule

Total cashes (inc $3.30 refund) = $41.73 which I'll round up to $42.

All monies sent.

Making either of the final tables would have been nice and little bit more of a jump on the cashes.

Thanks all for backing!

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