Posted 1 year ago
Thanks Ash! GL to us both!

The session will start at 11:30 ET last minute firing the $11 WCOOP on my own and 30 mins late reg'ing the $27 first event of our package.

Here are the final schedule and breakdown of the shares spreadsheet I will be updating as I play:

Attached Image

If Jon comes in at some point before any major score has taken place, my buddy Mike is willing to give up some of his shares, but if a decent score occurs or Jon simply doesn't respond/want any then this will be the final splits and we'll try to have a profitable series.

Thanks to all who invested!

I'll be unhidden, so feel free to rail if you wish! Bust out hands will be posted here.
Posted 1 year ago
Sorry guys, some of the guys who had taken the reserves offsite have backed out and I'm like $170+ short now and I was already taking a bit of a gamble with this package, so unfortunately I'm out. I have scheduled refunds for those who paid by PayPal, I assume you get some form of notification via email about this, some of the money had been cashed out already, so it says it takes a couple days to pull it from bank and send it off, but again I assume this info is in the emails from PayPal too.

Thank you to those who came through with their purchases, I'm sorry it didn't work out, I am fairly sure this will be my last time bothering to attempt to sell a package. At least for a long while. I'm just going to stick to playing some side poker for the time being.

I will continue to update and check this thread until everyone is paid back in completion.
Posted 1 year ago
Money has left my bank account, so if you don't have your refunds, I am sure it won't be long.

Posted 1 year ago
Sorry didn't see this in busy atm. Sorry to hear you had to cancel

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