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133/store/tracking-software/chico-equity-hands-converterChico/Equity Hands Converter - 1 Year 0
Only$54.00 Free Shipping 01

Chico/Equity Hands Converter - 1 Year

Chico/Equity Hands Converter - 1 Year

Playing on Tigergaming on the Chico network or Full Flush on the Equity network? Want to use a HUD? The Chico/Equity Hands Converter is the solution you need to run your HEM HUD on these networks.

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21/store/tracking-software/notecaddy-holdem-manager-add-onNoteCaddy - Holdem Manager Add On0.000
NoteCaddy - Holdem Manager Add On

NoteCaddy is an add on for Holdem Manager, and aims to sharpen your edge even further.It takes relevant notes on opponents for you automatically. It does this by breaking down hand history information, as well as taking notes on significant behaviours of a player. It does not just take single or irellevant notes, this cutting edge piece of software really understands player's tendancies and patterns.Many players find note taking very tedious, although it is a very vital part of the online poker experience. Why not get rid of this tiresome task, and let NoteCaddy do all the work for you?Always have fresh reads and crush your opponents – Purchase NoteCaddy today.You must have HM to be able to add NoteCaddy.The free version of NoteCaddy, which can be downloaded here - http://www.holdemmanager.com/buy/231/note-caddy-premium---hold-em automatically generates 7 free note types across your player database. However, the premium version generates over 174 note types plus the ability to create custom ntoes.On purchasing this product, you will receive your unique licence key via email within 24 hours.

$60.00 Download No Automatic note taking at it's finest.

127/store/tracking-software/the-ultimate-hud-for-cashgamesThe Ultimate HUD for cashgames0.000
The Ultimate HUD for cashgames

The UltimateHUD is a very extensive HUD for cashgames.Our approach (EasyGame) is to give you the maximum amount of information in the most effective ways.Use Quick-Views during live play and do detailed, deep analysis after the session with the extensive HUD.Less but bigger popups, more and faster information will lead to better decisions. Remember: You have 8-15 seconds for a decision, so this approach helps to find fast solutions and you can create a bigger samplesize.The UltimateHUD is newly built from the ground up.No default popups or table groups are used.About 60% of the statistics are custom made stats, they are not delivered with the purchase of PT4.They are exclusive in the UltimateHUD.We created very much and complex statistics for this particular HUD in over 500 working hours.UltimateHUD provides custom statistics that are not available with any other software."Use this HUD at the tables, and you will experience the extra edge and benefits very soon."Notes:- shorthanded and fullring HUD- EasyGame Approach, max information in easy way- Review and Game Analysis to find Exploits/Edge- custom stats you don't find elsewherePurchase Instructions:- You MUST have PT4 to use this add on.- In PT4, under help -> about, there is an email address and 6 digit code.- We will contact you for this information, and your UltimateHUD will be activated on your PT4 licence once you provide this.

$99.00 Download No Serious HUD for Serious Players

126/store/tracking-software/planet-converterPlanet Converter0.000
Planet Converter

Planet Converter is a tool that enables players to run a HEM2, HEM1 or PT4 HUD on the Hive network. Planet Converter simply imports Hive poker network hand histories and then converts them into a new format that is compatible with HEM2, HEM1 and PT4. Get an even bigger edge today!Note: The license is bound to one nickname on the Hive network.

$40.00 Download No Enable a HEM2, HEM1 or PT4 HUD on the Hive network

95/store/tracking-software/pro-combo-2-hold-em-omaha-managerPro Combo 2 - Hold'em + Omaha Manager0.000
Pro Combo 2 - Hold'em + Omaha Manager

This is the complete package, as you can track all NLHE and PLO cash games as well as MTT's with this combined edition. Save when you buy Hold'em Manager & Omaha Manager together!

$159.99 Download No Track All Hold'em & Omaha Games

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