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Planet Converter

Enable a HEM2, HEM1 or PT4 HUD on the Hive network

Planet Converter is a tool that enables players to run a HEM2, HEM1 or PT4 HUD on the Hive network. Planet Converter simply imports Hive poker network hand histories and then converts them into a new format that is compatible with HEM2, HEM1 and PT4. Get an even bigger edge today!

Note: The license is bound to one nickname on the Hive network.

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Omaha Manager 2 - Pro

The great people at Hold'em Manager that brought you the groundbreaking HM2, have now brought the same power to your Omaha game. Increase your win rate as Omaha Manager 2 provides you with the fundamental edge needed to move up limits online. It really doesn't matter whether you're a recreational micro stakes player, or playing at some of the highest levels, OM2 will bring you all you need to enhance your personal poker experience, with deadly results.OM2's feature rich GUI takes poker tracking software to a new level. You will be using OM2 to a huge advantage in no time, as it provides real-time data helping you with every single decision on the tables. Use over 1,000 metrics within the software to study your game away from the table. The purchase of OM2 will be the best decision you ever make.For only $99.99, gain a massive edge over your opponents by tracking your Omaha games at all levels & stakes. You won't regret your decision.On purchasing this product, you will receive your unique licence key via email within 24 hours.

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Pro Combo 2 - Hold'em + Omaha Manager

This is the complete package, as you can track all NLHE and PLO cash games as well as MTT's with this combined edition. Save when you buy Hold'em Manager & Omaha Manager together!

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27/store/tracking-software/coffeehud-husngCoffeeHUD - HUSNG0.000

CoffeeHUD is specifically designed for HUSNG play. The CoffeeHUD philosophy is to 'give you the maximum amount of information in the most effective ways.'CoffeeHUD gets into the nitty gritty of stat representation, not bunching together several stats out of context, as some of HUDs do. Instead of using stats avaiblable within the database software, CoffeeHUD provides custom HUSNG stats that are not available with any other software.If you are a HUSNG player, this HUD is something you can't live without. Stats contain an advanced colour coding system, which highlights extreme patterns of opponents, as well as theoretical information such as pure fold equity, Nash equilibrium ranges and more!Of course, you can also use the features provided away from the table, to study and improve your game.Jump head and shoulders above your HU opponents with this cutting edge software, made by HUSNG players, for HUSNG players.Created by HUSNG.com coach Coffeeyay and 2p2er butitswrong.Purchase Instructions:- You MUST have PT4 to use this add on.- In PT4, under help > about, there is an email address and 6 digit code.- We will contact you for this information, and your CoffeeHUD will be activated on your PT4 licence once you provide this.See CoffeeHUD in action:http://www.pokertube.com/videos/husng.com-coffeehud-poker-heads-up-display/

$101.00 Download No Optimized HUSNG HUD

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