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Browse through hundreds of poker strategy articles created by winning poker coaches. Our poker strategy explores cutting edge poker concepts to ensure that you're always at the top of your game - Because that's how winners are made.

on 31/5/15

Advanced C-betting 2: Hand Analysis

This is part 2 of the c-betting series on PokerVIP and in this part we are going to learn how to analyze hands and learn how to proceed on certain textures

Adam Jones 5,275 Views 0 Comments

on 29/5/15

Advanced C-betting 1: Evolution of C-Betting

Although c-betting is a basic poker concept, it has evolved significantly over the time and there are advanced concepts that you need to be aware of in today's games.

Adam Jones 7,765 Views 4 Comments

on 28/5/15

Postflop Planning 2: Stack Sizes

Although stats are important factor in our postflop planning, stack sizes play equally important role for our decision making processes.

Adam Jones 3,729 Views 0 Comments

on 27/5/15

Postflop Planning 1: Relevant Stats

Planning your game ahead of time is crucial to your success. This article explains some relevant stats for your postflop planning strategies and how to read these stats in order to make the best use of them. Knowing the best play in isolation is often not enough and you need to combine that knowledge with the knowledge about your opponents, garnered through experience and, more importantly, their stats.

Adam Jones 11,408 Views 1 Comments

on 26/5/15

Poker Maths - Combinations

What is poker combinatorics and how it can be applied to your game? Learn how poker maths can help you determine your opponents ranges and hands.

Adam Jones 12,320 Views 1 Comments

on 8/5/15

Balance and Range Protection in Poker

Balancing and protecting your ranges at poker can be a tricky business. but learning how to do it can make our plays much harder to read.

Adam Jones 6,254 Views 0 Comments

on 6/5/15

GTO Aggression in Poker

Application of GTO (game theory optimal) when we are the aggressor. How can poker GTO aggression improve your overall results and make you a better player?

Adam Jones 7,488 Views 0 Comments

on 5/5/15

GTO Defense in Poker

How can poker GTO help you defend unexploitably against aggressive opponents? This article is an introduction to game theory and how it can help your game.

Adam Jones 7,475 Views 0 Comments

on 4/5/15

Squeezing in Poker

Defining a default squeezing range in poker can be quite difficult and there is a big difference between doing it in position and out of position. This article brings some good guidelines to follow when trying to figure out solid ranges for both scenarios with a special section devoted to a 'relative position' concept.

Adam Jones 8,670 Views 3 Comments

on 3/5/15

Common Bluff Lines in Poker

This article looks into some common bluff lines in poker as they appear during the gameplay. Recognizing and utilizing these spots will increase your profitability and is guaranteed to make you a better player overall . Although these spots are fairly common, it is not unusual for players to lose track of them on their radars, so this is a good reminder.

Adam Jones 6,791 Views 4 Comments

on 26/4/15

Top Poker Leaks from a Coach - Part 2

This two part series analyses some of the most common leaks found in games of players at different levels. Part Two deals with undefended checking ranges, missing 'red-line' (non-showdown winnings) situations, lack of betsizing variation and efficiency (or lack of efficiency) with our river calls.

Adam Jones 4,540 Views 0 Comments

on 23/4/15

Top Poker Leaks from a Coach – Part 1

This two part series analyses some of the most common leaks found in games of players at different levels. Part One looks into the blinds play, playing against c-bets lack of aggression as well as inefficient use of HUD. All these leaks can seriously impact our bottom line if they are not recognized and dealt with timely and appropriately.

Adam Jones 4,727 Views 1 Comments

on 22/4/15

Bet Sizing in Poker Part 2

Bet sizing is an important poker concept, as it contributes greatly to our overall profit. In the Part Two of this series, we analyse some bet sizing considerations in relation to perceived ranges of us and our opponents alike. Whether it is a bluff or value bet, proper sizing is of utmost importance for maximizing our gain.

Adam Jones 4,230 Views 2 Comments

on 15/4/15

Poker Room Selection

Proper selection of the online poker room is very important for you overall success. There are several factors you need to pay attention to during this process, as outlined in this article. Things like overall functionality of the software, rake (and potential rakeback), traffic, security and softness of the games all play a pivotal role in finding a right place for you to call your poker home.

Adam Jones 5,251 Views 1 Comments

on 11/3/15

Poker Coaching

There are different ways to improve your game, but poker coaching is certainly one of the most successful. Coaching comes in few different forms and its effectiveness as well as prices can vary greatly, from the one on one coaching that is most expensive to different coaching materials like videos, articles and strategy books. All these can help you improve your game and your choice will depend on both the funds available and your personal preferences.

Adam Jones 4,697 Views 2 Comments

on 5/2/15

Playing Turn without Initiative in Hold'em Poker (Part 2)

Playing Turn without Initiative in Hold'em Poker (Part 2)

Adam Jones 4,458 Views 1 Comments

on 3/2/15

Playing Turn without Initiative in Hold'em Poker

Playing Turn without Initiative in Hold'em Poker

Adam Jones 4,651 Views 0 Comments

on 5/1/15

Poker and Rational Thinking - Part 2

Poker and Rational Thinking - Part 2

Adam Jones 3,897 Views 2 Comments

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