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AshVIP: Nice couple! Didn't realise your missus was in the band as well, sweet! Sounds like a top weekend, whereabouts in the lakes was it?

Yeah we met through music, and it's a big part of our lives. For 5 years now.

We were in Keswick, fairly out of the way. But had an awesome time. Free accommodation too with pool table.
I didn't look good at the end of the night...
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Hey all, had a stream session today and gonna have another one soon about 6 ish. Broke even in first session and got pretty creative.
I thought I'd find this hand that I managed to pull of my my best bluff for a while. It wasn't even planned as it came from a miss-click.

Here's the hand

Here's my stream link.

Grocker6 Twitch

Maybe catch some later.
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Yesterday was a day of coolers, getting called down light and losing flips, and I'm down to $745. So 25nl will have to wait a little.
To be fair I was due a day like that. Gonna get a couple of hours in on my own in a bit.

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HA love that KJ hand, the music changes at the right time as well
Posted 3 years ago*
AshVIP: HA love that KJ hand, the music changes at the right time as well

Hah yeah, music change for bluff mode.

Ok well played a bit today, my first session since last post, been working and had a night out on Saturday after work with work lot.
Arrived back from it at 3.45am and felt like shit Sunday morning but had an easy shift at work in the evening so all good.

Finished at couple of buyins up at about $767, so hope to keep the trend going to reach 25nl. I want 32 buyins and use the 2 buyins as the shot.
So that means 800.

Will hopefully get some time to play tomorrow!
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Well guys, I had my first 25nl sesh today as I broke the 800 mark again at about $802 or so after I started the day at $779.

Ended up winning 1 dollar! I know... go me. A stack or two went in, I was down one and then won one, and just did the usual.
Had some fun.

Well I chilled out afterward with a little more 10nl after a stream.
Finished the day at $807 so at least a new BR peak.
So I'll be putting in more 25nl sessions but with a 10nl warm up for now. I've been doing a little 6 tabling off stream.
I had a fun day and that's also what matters.

Seeya all again soon.
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Had some family over from Aussie, so we had a big get together in our village, about 25 of our family.

Had many drinks and had a nice meal (I had the gammon with egg, pineapple, chips etc) and then came back home feeling tipsy, or a little bit more and played poker... as you do of course.

Played some 10nl poker and didn't lose, so that was good.
Anyway... today I had a proper session, mixed 10nl and 25nl. I think most profits tonight came from 25nl, but we ended up in ok shape.

Finished with $862 in the roll. I might have a mini session later, or I might not. See how I feel.
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Thought I'd relax after another busy weekend with some 5nl Zoom to switch it up.
Streaming Zoom is so much easier for me.
Needless to say, it was a rather decent session. I always play that bit better when I've not played for a little while.

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That graph is looking very healthy! Keep up the good work!!!
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Ok my online goal for the next 3-5 months is -

1 - Try to build a decent stream and incorporate the features that Twitch offers to make it more fun, and make it high quality as far as the visual element and smoothness of it goes.
2 - Be able to make videos on YouTube for my guitar lessons and such that have quality to compete with the better content out there. (I already have many videos made but my current equipment to record at a high quality and use good editing features is limited).

To make this plan successful it basically comes down to equipment/hardware, which means me investing a fair amount. Which I'm happy to do. I'll always look for the best equipment that I can that comes at the best price.
I'm going to be buying a whole new desktop PC soon, but I feel it'll be best to wait for the post Christmas sales to get the best offers, as I'm looking for fairly high end stuff. Also by then I'll have more spare cash to possibly pay up front if that's an option. Also I'll be keeping my eye out for computer fairs too as I think you can get decent offers at them but I'm not sure.
I'll need a new microphone too, but I've got my eye on one that does a great job for a great price. I believe it's a "Blue Microphones Snowball". The quality it offers for sound is great from what I've heard in reviews and the price is great too.
I'll probably upgrade my webcam too.

Guitar video-wise... it's gonna be fairly costly to get a decent camera. I've used iPhones for it in the past but I need a proper setup to really make my vids compete with what's out there. And then I'll want to upgrade my Home Studio software and amp simulating software/audio interface. But I'm dedicated to getting it all sorted. I might have to make a few sacrifices in life to afford it all for the short-term but that's ok.
Oh and on top of this, I'll be upgrading my internet of course!

So yeah... a bit of a challenge, but I'm looking forward to getting it all going. It's all an investment for me anyway because of how things are going in the world. Just gotta be a little patient for now and be smart. If anyone has any tips about this stuff then feel free to share!

Streams will be sporadic for now when I get a free day here and there. But I'll keep having fun with them.

I have to make all of this happen as well as plan a holiday for May with the better half! I know I can do it!

Ok well I'll be off now then and get myself fed before work, seeya around!
Posted 3 years ago
PC-wise, I've been looking at something along the lines of this...

Attached Image

And after I was searching around for mics, I found a decent one for just over 100 quid that had top reviews, and seemed great compared to mics that cost 20 times as much and you could hardly tell a difference. It's called a an AKG Perception p120.

But also I found that someone who does voice-overs pro was using a Focusrite bundle. And I've found an updated version of this which includes Pro Tools and an Audio Interface with the XLR input. Not sure the old one had Pro Tools, but if this is all I will have to buy to get 2 birds stoned at once then that's cool by me.

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I don't want this to turn into a picture list of my shopping possibilities. But I have this to be a confirmed "good deal" from a computer builder friend.
And for what I need it will be more than enough.

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To switch it up and since I did a decently sized stream today, here's a graph of of 5nl zoom since I've come back. Over the last couple of streams or so.

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Posted 3 years ago
That is one very nice looking graph dude. I will definitely check out your stream.
Posted 3 years ago
A few days working again and got back to having a couple of streams today, one at 5nl, one at 10nl.

I've had a ball playing today, just feeling so fun at the moment.
It's nice to know you're having a good time playing a game like this, not having the silly negative thoughts that used to be there in the old days.

Now I'm just sorting the new PC and fibre internet and I can begin to get the quality of my streams so much better.

Here are my combined results over my last few sessions since I came back to play on Stars. There's been 6 but some are on the same day.

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Posted 3 years ago
I have ordered my new PC. Very much looking forward to it arriving!

Hopefully the start of many new possibilities online!
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Hey there.

Haven't played any poker in the last few days. Was going to on Thurs but then I wasn't able to because I wasn't able to be at home in the end.

To be honest I'm just kind of putting things on hold until my PC arrives. I didn't notice I had a missed call from the people I'm paying the finance for it with and had to call them back after realising they'd be trying to contact through an email. I had to basically just confirm my DoB and Address so they could then move on to process the order. If I left it a day later without realising this then it would have been cancelled. So basically it's been 2 days wasted of my order sitting in limbo until I contacted them! Dull

I'm guessing it'll arrive either on Monday or Tuesday, unless it surprises me today.

So I've just been ordering a couple of little bits and bobs to get here next week for recording and all that. I'll get my mic either later today if possible or on Monday. So today I ordered a mic stand (with a little thread adapter so the mic actually fits on) and a pop filter. So I'm excited to get things set up this week coming.

One final thing I'll have to sort for the very near future is to get some fast fibre internet on the go. I'm thinking of going with Virgin from the speed compared to others and it seems to have the best price too. Although I'll have to see how my internet runs on my new PC because there is a big possibility that the health of my current PC could be affecting things a lot.

Well that'll be me for now. See you all soon!
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Ok this was my farewell session for this PC, if my new PC arrives tomorrow!

I ran into a lot of hands today. Some big coolers and a couple of all ins where I was a bit ahead, but sadly lost them... in the first part of the session. After that it was just kinda meh. Play fairly well overall, pretty happy. Made a couple of mistakes but went over them in session.

This is funnily enough exactly how I expected this graph to look. Because I pulled off a lot of bluffs. I actually feel like I'd have been annihilated today if I didn't keep my cool between all the coolers and beats. So even though I'm down over 4 BI, I'm actually happy. Good times.

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It's here!

Time to get setting up I think!

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Looks pretty sexy, would have been nice to see the inside shot with the window. If you have a USB stick you can backup PT4 database to install it on the new pc.