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Hi I dont know if I will get any replies as it doesnt seem as though anyone is around, but as a long time losing player I am desperate. I have dropped to 10NL after losing forever at 25NL, still losing at 10NL too, so I need help to at least do better. I have read extensively about this game and watch all the videos I can but still losing all the time.

Here is a hand, please tell me how bad I played this
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$0.05/$0.10 No Limit Holdem PartyPoker
4 Players

CO Player4 $14.74
D Player5 $12.08
SB Player6 $6.22
BBHero $11.04
4$0.15Hero is BBJA
2 folds, Player6 raises to $0.30, Hero calls$0.20
Player6 bets $0.39, Hero calls$0.39
Player6 bets $0.85, Hero calls$0.85
Player6 bets $1.25, Hero raises to $7
Final Pot$11.33


Here are my thoughts in game to show where I am at thinking.
Firstly there are no HUDs at Party and I have only seen villain once before and seemed to be loose and bet any part of the board, villain also doesnt reload so that mostly marks him/her down as a weaker player.

So I normally 3 bet this hand bvb but as villain only has 60bb I felt better to call, I dont want to get 4 bet with AJo for 60bb, so thought l calling was the better option to get some value verses what he might bet with.
So I hit trips with top kicker, couldnt ask for more. So I just call flop, did I not raise because I wanted to get paid off as so often when I get the goods as it were they immediately fold. Same on turn once villain bet again. Should I have raised either flop or turn because of the flush draw? Should I shove turn?
When river came and he bet again I raised him allin, is this bad? I ask my self what worse hands he can call with and feel that he will call with A Jack like KJ, QJ etc so didnt feel this was a bad raise as I can get called by worse.
Thats basically it so any comments please will be appreciated.

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Posted 3 years ago
Personally, I think it's fine as played. Typically I'd prefer to raise less on the river to get paid by 2 pair but in this case with him only having c. $4 behind I would put him in as well. If I'm raising I'd prefer it to be the flop not the turn as a turn raise looks stronger and will just fold out all his air
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I would be trying to get stacks in here and raising the flop, it doesn't need to be huge, just a cse of calculating how to get the money in, I prefer over three streets this time but I doubt it matters a great deal versus this particular stack. however you do it.

People tend to be non-beliebers on the flop more often than the turn or river is my opinion.
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You can still raise pre if you like. You can still happily fold to a shove or 4bet and if he does 4 bet then being a more fishy looking player, it's probably more often nutted anyway as they don't tend to 4bet bluff from my experience. Sometimes they're too sticky preflop to 3 bets and we dominate them and get stacks in easier post flop on good boards e.g if he calls with QJo and flop comes J84 we likely stack a fish in 3 bet pot. And easy stack them here post flop.

I probably call flop most of the time, and raise the turn. Because a recreational shorty won't 3 barrel bluff very much at all (unless you have seen them playing aggro a lot) and if they bet the turn then they may often have a J we dominate a lot of the time. But you don't have to raise big, just enough to maybe let them call a flush draw more often, and always get stacks in on river. To be honest, there's a lot of different lines you can take and some of them add up to a similar outcome depending on what opponent has.
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This is a hand where it's pretty difficult to make much mistakes to be honest. On every street all options are reasonable, as long as your intention is to play for stacks. Raising river as played is mandatory, calling down here would be absolutely terrible, even if in this particular instance you lost the pot.

My guess is you are focusing on the wrong types of hands where it comes to looking to improve your game, I've had a lot of students who always want to focus on the largest pots they play to make sure they didn't make a blunder, but for the most case in the larger pots they already know the answer. i.e. They got unlucky and want verification of this, or know they played it badly. My guess is that this hand falls under the former, you know you played the hand fine and ran into an unfortunate cooler. There isn't anything much to be learned from this hand, raising prior to the river might be slightly better but really it's probably not going to make heaps of difference either way.

Where you really start building your winrate is with the more common spots that arise, even if the pots sizes are typically smaller. Situations where you are not sure if you should be c-betting a board, or to go deeper into that what size you should be electing to go for in different situations. Whether you should be betting river for thin value with marginal hands, whether you should be calling down in marginal spots, where you feel you lost value in a hand and possibly could have played a hand quite differently and made more, these are the hands you should be focusing on and seeking advice.
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Thanking everyone for their replies, its appreciated, and thanks Fergrberger for that I will look into it.
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Thanks guys! I t does seem as if I leaving some value on the table. A few things going on in my head. Firstly if I bet turn bigger villain has even less left on river, secondly I always thought that when raising flop it was 3x times their size, I get thats giving them 3/1. Also with bet sizing I have got confused with all this betting 1/3 pot on flop which to me is giving such great odds to the caller for all sorts of hands. Even at 10NL players are betting 1/3 pot so often. My understanding is that it enables you to c bet more of your range etc, but at 10NL arent calling ranges more inelastic? Anyway I have got lost on the bet sizing and have to work harder to get it right.
Posted 3 years ago
Raise flop with aj, you call call for protection with lower kiker jx,