Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Posted 6 years ago

Hey Guys,

Selling 30% at 1.1960 mark-up. Reserving 20% for Jon and 10% for Keith as usual, but Jon has stated he is more than willing to share that reserve if anybody else wishes to invest in a package of mine. Simply post here and send the funds for the amount you want and I'll work out the difference on Jon's end with him.

The Session (Pacific Time):
06:45. $3.30 6max, 2K
07:17. $5.50 Deep Stack, 3K
07:45. $4.40 8max, 2.5K
08:25. $2.20 Turbo, 3K
08:45. $5.50, 3K
09:05. $3.30, 2.5K
09:12. $8.80, 4K
10:17. $5.50 Deep Stack, 2.5K
10:25. $3.30 6max, 3K
10:43. $2.20 Turbo, 4K
11:02. $3.30, 2.5K
11:27. $2.20, 2K

Ten x $4.50 180-man SNGs

Total Cost: $94.50
For Sale (w/ MU): $33.90

1% = $1.13
5% = $5.65


Jon (20%) = $22.60
Keith (10%) = $11.30

SN: satellite84

Thanks for reading!

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Posted 6 years ago
will take 5% if you like bud. that SN, is it pokerstars?
Posted 6 years ago
Yes that is my Stars name. And yes you can have 5%, but beware this session will run Wednesday now not Tuesday.

Posted 6 years ago*
PokerStars Cashier Today at 2:39 PM
Message body

Hello Kerouacs Dog,

We have transferred USD 5.65 from your account to 'satellite84' as per your request.

Good luck to you both.


PokerStars Cashier

can you confirm you got it bud?
wednesday fine, will rail you if im around for a bit.
Posted 6 years ago
Money Received, KD. Also received for Keith.

Jon, 15% available only for this one.
Posted 6 years ago
good luck bud, will be around tomorrow on PS, will look out for you.
Posted 6 years ago*
This session is going to be cancelled as I have been playing live a lot and it's not fully sold out yet and I'm planning to just do the online grind Sundays for a little while.

Money returned.
Posted 6 years ago
thanks mate for the refund, and hit me up the next time you have a package, I'll take some action.