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What is Ultimate Texas Hold'em?

860 Views on 28/1/22

If you've never played Ultimate Texas Hold'em before, it's easy to learn but challenging to master

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Ultimate Texas Hold'em is a poker game that combines traditional Rummy and Poker elements to create an entirely new experience! Since its creation in 2006, many casinos worldwide have added the game to their repertoire.

If you've never played Ultimate Texas Hold'em before, it's easy to learn but challenging to master. The main difference between this game and other varieties of poker is that your hand consists of ten cards instead of five.

How to Play Texas Hold'em?

Players ante into a central pot and receive three cards face-down to get started. The dealer deals five cards to the center of the table; these are the board or community cards. Some casinos allow for up to four players and place two boards in the middle - one with three cards and another with two.

The betting is similar to other poker games where you can raise, call, or fold your hand. However, with Ultimate Texas Hold'em, you have an extra option: You can make a side bet called Pair Plus. It costs 50% more than the Big Blind but doubles your payout if you win!

After all, players have made their first bets; three more community cards follow another round of betting. To start this round, the first player to the dealer's left begins by checking or betting to stay in the game. Side bets are still possible, although they don't affect each player's personal hand.

After all five community cards have been dealt, there's another round of betting followed by a showdown between the two remaining players. The stakes are high because both players have their hands exposed for everyone to see! The winner is determined by the best five-card poker hand using any combination of his/her own cards and those on the table.

It's not uncommon to see big pots at an Ultimate Texas Hold'em table since everyone starts with three-hole cards instead of two. It also gives players more options, which means you should closely keep your eyes on each hand.

5 Quick Tips to Play Ultimate Texas Hold'em

1) Play on the top of your chip stack. You don't have to worry about playing too high if it's close. This means that you can get more money into the pot when you have a good hand.

2) Start each hand with at least 50BBs (Big Bets). This lets you take advantage of free-rolling for side bets while giving yourself leeway to call or raise any bet throughout the game.

3) Don't be afraid to go all-in! If you are confident in your cards, this increases the chances of winning by placing all of your funds at risk for one single showdown!

4) Learn how to use checking and betting strategically. With three cards face down, there are many unknowns. To make the best decisions possible, you should look at your hand without giving too much information.

Final Thoughts

Ultimate Texas Hold'em is a fun poker variation that everyone can enjoy. Understanding how it works combined with knowing some helpful tips will give you an overwhelming advantage over your opponents.


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