3 Bet Pots - Playing as the Aggressor

9,405 Views on 22/7/15

New concept video from ImFromSweden, focusing on how different ranges interact in 3 bet pots. It's very common to play in 3bet pots as the aggressor, especially in button vs blind situations.

Oscar quote on the video: "This is completely new analysis that I haven't done before. I didn't know what was going to happen when I started this (video), I had my suspicions but I didn't know. I want to know if you're playing versus a normal 22/20 kind of guy, if he opens button and you 3bet from the blind and he calls, how often is a Cbet going to work on an Ace high board? or how often on Q93 or some kind of middling board? How often is it going to work on a low board? And not only versus a normal opponent, but more aggressive 28/23 type guys. Which boards can I Cbet versus them? And versus nits?"

In this video we will explore;
  • How often do different opponents hit different boards in 3bet pots?
  • When can we Cbet profitably in a vacuum?
  • Different flop strategies vs. different opponents


Oscar Bergling

Oscar "ImFromSweden" Bergling is a popular NLHE online pro from Sweden. He rose to prominence through one of the most popular blogs on TwoPlusTwo called 'I'll play nosebleeds by the end of the year' and has consistently beaten 6-Max and He ... Read More


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