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High Stakes Swings with Blizzy - £400NL to £1000NL

Blizzy PokerVIP 6,615 Views 24:30 Duration

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Blizzy PokerVIP
Blizzy PokerVIP
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Blizzy is a PokerVIP member and friend of the website who would like to keep his real identity anonymous. He's not a professional poker player, but loves to gamble and play recreationally. We've made an agreement with Blizzy where he's allowed us to review his thrilling high-stakes online sessions at Sky Poker - The room of his choice. Check out his videos at the top right of this page.You can watch Blizzy's High Stakes Swing videos right here on PokerVIP, with commentary from PokerVIP head coach Jon Lundy.The only information we can reveal about 'Blizzy' is that he's from the UK and his career is offshore on the oil rigs where he earns good money and his time to play poker. We couldn't pass up the opportunity of sharing his crazy action on PokerVIP, and we hope you enjoy it.

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'High Stakes Swings with Blizzy' is a new video series on Sky Poker featuring Mid to High Stakes Gameplay. Jon commentates on play from PokerVIP anonymous member and friend 'Blizzy'. A bonified degenerate, Blizzy is a player who employs a LAG style of play and often endures £10k swings at the highest stakes online. Jon's been sent his live footage, and we're excited to reveal his gameplay and watch some thrilling hands of poker.

Poker Room: Sky Poker - Click here for Rakeback at Sky! UK, Ireland & Finland only.
Games / Stakes: NLHE 6-Max, £2/4 up to £5/10

High Stakes Swings with Blizzy - £400NL & £500NL


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Jon-PokerVIPon 22/1/15

Yeh he brings the actions that's for sure. 6 more videos in the series coming over the next 10 days so stay tuned for those.


shakinaceson 19/1/15

It's not as bonkers yet as I thought it might be tbh... think he'd build a decent roll if he took a few steps down but I imagine the best 3/4 regs at those levels must enjoy seeing him and laak log on. Seeing a whole session is way better than just the top of the pots section on Sky though, well done on talking Blizzy into recording :)


Jon-PokerVIPon 16/1/15

Yeh buddy it's starting to get pretty big! Sitting with 5k on the tables can lead to some sick 5 figure pots. How do you rate his play?


shakinaceson 15/1/15

These are great fun to watch and look forward to the rest of the series. I know this is still small-stakes for some, but I'm almost getting nosebleeds myself seeing some of the sums being shoved around!


Jon-PokerVIPon 13/1/15

Love making these videos and stay tuned guys....the action and pot sizes increase drastically throughout this 10 part series :)

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