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Defending Blinds Post-Flop - Part 1

Adam Jones 10,414 Views 33:45 Duration

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I am of British nationality and go by the online alias w34z3l. I am considered one of the top consultants in the field for technical analysis (i.e. database work) and application of game theory concepts to various card games. I make a range of educational content (including the videos and articles here) helping players, software designers and card game enthusiasts to take their strategic understanding to the next level. My background in teaching helps me to communicate concepts effectively and clearly.Whether you are looking to generate a full-blown understanding of optimal strategy or simply pick up the skills to surprise your friends in a home game, feel free to contact me through the message system.

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PokerVIP Coach Adam 'w34z3l' Jones' 2-part series on Defending Blinds Post-Flop: In episode 1, we focus in particular on how to defend post-flop after we cold call pre-flop from the blinds - So after we're pressured with a C-bet from the original raiser. We will look at some different lines to take and also some real hand examples. Watch Part 2 Here.


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very well explained and easy to understand!

on 14/9/17


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Archinatoron 17/1/16

Hey Weasel, I tried to implement this strategy and I've gotten very mixed feedback on the forum. Could you take a look?


w34z3lon 4/1/16

Alright, been a while since I made the vid, but here are the basics.Exploitatively, donk-turn can sometimes be good if villain has a low turn-cbet and we feel giving free cards is dangerous. If villain barrels turn super frequently then usually better not to donk. Assuming a sample we may even have additional information regarding what villain does vs a turn donk. Obviously if he folds way too much or has a tendency to spazz out, we can use that to our advantage.In theory, we dont x/c flop donk-turn that much since the flop aggressor will have a polarized range while the flop caller has a condensed range. Most of the time the flop x/caller therefore checks. This can change on certain turn cards which improve the equity distribution of the flop x/caller. The most commonly cited example is that the 2nd card on the board pairs assuming the flop was reasonably dry. The flop x/callers range could become strong enough that the flop better has little incentive to barrel the turn aggressively. The flop x/caller should donk some of his turn range and weaken his checking range, incentivising the flop better to play more aggressively vs checks on the turn..Anyway, the 2nd part is highly theoretical. Focus mainly on the first part. To simplify the above paragraph we are basically saying if the turn card is good for our range we can donk


Archinatoron 4/1/16

cheers W34z3l makes a lot of sense, if he's unlikely to fire on the turn because the cards good for us we may as well fire ourselves now than let him spike an over pair which isn't folding.


Archinatoron 3/1/16

21:51 I don't get the c/c bet turn line. Surely he won't bluff a blank turn here so we're better off taking a traditional float? :S


Cheesebroron 18/8/15

I liked the video alot and the 2nd part aswell, however i have a question of the same nature as iain212 How do we differentiate when to use the xc donk line or the xc xr line?


Jojo5678on 22/7/15

Very good video, as expected from w34z3l

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monsteron 14/5/15

Great video, can't wait to try these out


iain212on 6/5/15

I watched and enjoyed the video. A key point i would make is between the difference of taking the c/c donk line andc/c c/r line with a backdoor equity hand that improves on the Turn. I think we are better off using our hand as a check raise on turn cards which are good for our opponents range as he will barrel them alot, and use the donk line on turn cards that improve hands in our c.c range, as our opp will likely check back theses cards and we want to sometimes donk for value with our strong hands


luismelo4on 13/11/14

Amazing video. Very clear explanation. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks :)


karmakazeon 18/10/14

This is great… seeing results right away


Intrakit12on 17/10/14

Excellent work, thanks for the knowledge!


choc101on 15/10/14

Great video...thanks for putting this together.


w34z3lon 8/10/14

The easiest way to to explain is to think about how we would play our sets. Usually it makes sense to x/c 77 on the K72r board rather than x/r. On the QT7ss we would definitely want to get ahead and x/r our 77. In otherwords we represent a strong range more effectively by x/r on drawy textures and x/c on dry textures.


Smebbon 7/10/14

Adam, I love your videos. especially 10 leaks in micro stakes is the one of the best one I've ever seen. and this one as well! and I have a question. Why do we have to x/r in wet board? I x/r in 2NL exactly opposite way you described. I x/r to opponent who has high percent of C bet, and when I have something even 1 over card or back doors. but in wet board, villain tends to call with lots of reason, even gut shot or whatever.

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