How To Run DEEP In BIG Poker Tournaments By Aram Zobian!

1,548 Views on 20/6/23

In this poker strategy video PokerCoaching coach Aram Zobian walks you through exactly how to run deep in big poker tournaments. Aram Zobian is no stranger to running deep in big poker tournaments as he made the 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table taking 6th place for $1,800,000! He talks about what exploits he uses in poker tournaments against particular opponents and discusses that when he has two passive players on his left he will start raising 100% from the button as he expects to only ever face a 3-bet when they have strong value hands. He discusses that you should consider how your range would play on each street rather than just playing your specific hand. This is an important concept that takes poker players from losing to winning players.


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