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Leak Finder Coaching Review: 4Betting

Jon PokerVIP 6,747 Views 31:56 Duration

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Payout: 15,000€
Betfair €15,000 August Race 2

Betfair €15,000 August Race 2

Starts in 6 days, 18 hours

Jon PokerVIP
Jon PokerVIP
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10 years and over 10 million hands of cash game poker Jon-PokerVIP brings a wealth of experience to team VIP. If he isn't winning 150k a month prop hands challenges  then he will be probably posting in our forum, streaming on twitch or making coaching content for our members including over 100 free member hand review videos. You will find Jon playing midstakes games on all popular euro sites including Sky Poker, Microgaming and Unibet. You will find under names: TwerkMileyTwerk, Facepalm and PTJon. His straight forward idiot proof approach has helped Jon climb the levels over the years and has also helped him in the live poker arena recently finalling the Irish Open & the UKIPT.  Jon's top tips on how to succeed in Poker:  Take time to learn the game. Make the most of our poker school resources.  Be part of our forum community. Being surrounded by players in your shoes and then also by members who have succeeded will help you with your growth and motivation for the game. Play lots! Volume is key! Always think before acting. 2 seconds extra thinking can turn a losing play into a winning one.  Work harder than the next person. Just like anything whoever works the hardest will achieve the most. Have fun. Playing long hours of poker everyday can take its toll. Make sure you keep some love for the game and enjoy your days off. 

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Staked player member review. Looking to find all leaks then creating a solution to solve and stop them. 

Stakes: 100nl

Site: BetVictor

Format: 6max NLH




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GhostStriker88on 26/7/14

i Would like to get staked how many hand`s would i need to have on my graph before i submit it ?


JD6410on 17/3/14

Good vid


AccountDeletedon 9/3/14

PT4. But it doesn\'t reset when a new player sits so I often tag the players when I sit down to see which ones the stats are still relevant to later on.


AccountDeletedon 9/3/14

That\'s what I was thinking. Nearly all his range has good SD value so is likely to check back, and he rarely has hands that he wants to turn into a bluff. Maybe a weak 2 pair but I don\'t think people will bluff with those hands here very often at all, so if I check and get jammed on I can be pretty confident I am beat most of the time. Like you say low FD\'s are the only hands that bluff and thats a tiny part of their range by the river, everything else is pretty much either 2 pair or straight, so looking back on it I like my decision to c/f.

If all (or most) of the hands that we are beating check back or fold to a jam, and all the hands that we are behind jam, then I don\'t see the logic in jamming tbh? Or check calling?


DownAndOuton 8/3/14

how is he getting hud stats on anon tables


Trolldegon 7/3/14

Yeah, probably just be confident that its no good when he jams. Atleast not 25% of the time we need to make the call.

If Shove or Ch/f is better though I dunno. Probably need to do some range calculations for that but instinctively I feel it might be a spot where we want to jam our entire range that got here. Might be off though.


Jon-PokerVIPon 7/3/14

Yeh so check back and be confident it goes to showdown enough and if jammed on we can easily fold as we expect villain to not be turning hands into a bluff here?


Trolldegon 7/3/14

Hand \'Im talking about starts at 11:30


Trolldegon 7/3/14

The KQ hand is interesting. I think I\'m leaning towards jam or checkfold tbh. Most people probably check back lots of hands with what he perceives has good sd value such as all broadway twopairs etc even though it might be reasons to turn them into bluffs when checked to here.

There should be plenty of aces in his range though. Sure AK is probably discounted a bit due to him not 3betting but AJ, AQ, Axs are all there imo.

The only thing I really think we beat when he jams here is like some random low suited connector right? And isnt it pretty likely he plays a flushdraw that has no showdown value faster on the flop?

He might hero some things he is gonna check back though I I think I just jam.

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