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Leak Finder Coaching Review 'Hutch' $4nl

Jon PokerVIP 8,008 Views 30:08 Duration

5/5 (1 Review)
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Jon PokerVIP
Jon PokerVIP
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10 years and over 10 million hands of cash game poker Jon-PokerVIP brings a wealth of experience to team VIP. If he isn't winning 150k a month prop hands challenges  then he will be probably posting in our forum, streaming on twitch or making coaching content for our members including over 100 free member hand review videos. You will find Jon playing midstakes games on all popular euro sites including Sky Poker, Microgaming and Unibet. You will find under names: TwerkMileyTwerk, Facepalm and PTJon. His straight forward idiot proof approach has helped Jon climb the levels over the years and has also helped him in the live poker arena recently finalling the Irish Open & the UKIPT.  Jon's top tips on how to succeed in Poker:  Take time to learn the game. Make the most of our poker school resources.  Be part of our forum community. Being surrounded by players in your shoes and then also by members who have succeeded will help you with your growth and motivation for the game. Play lots! Volume is key! Always think before acting. 2 seconds extra thinking can turn a losing play into a winning one.  Work harder than the next person. Just like anything whoever works the hardest will achieve the most. Have fun. Playing long hours of poker everyday can take its toll. Make sure you keep some love for the game and enjoy your days off. 

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Lets find some leaks and plug them for forum member Hutch


5/5 (1 Review)

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on 1/9/17


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giantpokeron 1/9/17




checking seems obvious to me here as we can get them to bluff and also control the pot. .i think betting to find out where we are is dated and is something we should not do


Jon-PokerVIPon 6/1/14

Yer betting to find out where you are is bad thinking generally and something weaker/old school players do. Basically checking allows us to induce bluffs.


Jon-PokerVIPon 6/1/14

3betting smaller vs short stacks: it basically gives them more room to 4b bluff or 4b jam worse hands.

3xing bvb: it basically does not bloat the pot when oop and it does the same job.


STEVE18on 6/1/14

i don,t get when he had kings and it come ace high flop and you said check and just call if he gos all in!! he reraised pre too in early postion!! so i think its best to bet out to test the water and fold to rereaise as villian could easy be reraising pre ak aq aj ect!! but as it played out i,am sure he had queens to nines range!! just don,t get checking as you don,t know were you are in the end then!!


Patuxzon 23/12/13

Can you give more thoughts on why 3b small AK vs short stack? And if we get 4b really small by a nitty player and we\'re IP, do you think it\'s best to gamble sometimes and hope to hit an A/K?
Also another good thing i found was 3x\'ing w/ AT vs limper BvB. Is 3x better than 4x because we get more calls from worse, where as 4x seems too strong to call with some garbage like 36s?


Hutchon 21/12/13

Thanks for the offer, I\'ll wait until I have a monitor, because these BV tables will be horrific video viewing on from this laptop!


Jon-PokerVIPon 21/12/13

Hey thanks for the comments. Yer fix those leaks and you will do great long term. Most are little things so im sure you will be crushing in no time. Feel free to make me a video every week. Good luck at the tables.


Hutchon 21/12/13

Thanks Jon, I\'ll try and formulate an orderly reply to your comments.

Re: Auto top-up, I used to do this, but I found on ipoker that if I was playing on different currency tables I would be getting cained every single time by the conversion. So I had decided to stop it, I usually top up if I\'m down to ~80BB, to lessen the effect. Obviously it\'s not quite as big a deal on NL4 but every little helps.

Also sorry for the 5th table, as you found out in my thread I play on a laptop and was conscious of the top right table breaking and wanted to have another table ready.

Re: 3x with AA on button, I see what you are saying about keeping bet sizing similar, however I do mix it up with min/2.5x/3x generally. I\'m not sure a lot of players at this level will pay that much attention, or is that a bad assumption to make? I like the idea of min raising a lot more buttons though, makes a lot of sense to get in a lot of pots in position and have a chance to take them down with a min raise. Also the way the hand played out with the 789 flop, I agree a shove would have been best. Seemed a bit strange leaving the 69c behind. I think at times I get caught up in making it 1/2 pot or whatever, and miss the stack implications.

The AK against the short, I completely agree that the call then folding the flop was horrible. It\'s the power of the short stacker, they seem to freeze my brain and I do things a little different against them.

Loved how excited you got when I min-raised the 36s from the button! I think that\'s the main thing I will take from the review, lots of food for thought though mate, thanks a lot :)

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