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How To Beat NLHE: Micro Stakes 1/4

Sebastian Lorenz 1,185 Views 35:13 Duration

3/5 (2 Reviews)
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Sebastian Lorenz
Sebastian Lorenz
30 Videos

HeyGuys,My name is Sebastian aka "Baboscrubx" I'm 25 years old and I'm studying to become a teacher IRL.I did start playing Poker about 2 1/2 years ago. I did start by depositing 20$ and by playing in the infamous 2NL Cash-game streets.Since then my journey did lead me through all the micro-stakes and through numerous different sites.To all the micro-stakes-grinders out there: I have been where you are, I have felt the things you feel,I have had the thoughts you have. So I can definitely relate to you in a lot of ways,which makes it easier to help you move out of the Micro-Stakes!IMO it's a key-factor to first understand the struggles someone is going through to actually be able to help him properly.Over the past 6 months I have been beating the 16nlz and 25nlz streets for about 4-5bb/100, with my main volume being played on Stars. Currently I'm trying to set foot in the 50nlz-Streets.

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The ultimate free poker coaching video to help you beat NLHE games! Seb loads up 3 tables on GUTS to show you exactly how it's done as he shares with you his top strategies and secrets which will make you a more profitable poker player! 

Key strategies include pre flop perfection and post flop play! Also a simplistic approach throughout helps you break down players ranges, create reads on them and when to call, raise and fold! 


3/5 (2 Reviews)

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Really enjoyed the video dude!

on 15/9/17




Watched half the video, first 10-15mins was alot of site talk.

on 12/9/17


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Scrubxon 15/9/17

@ keithyboy198 tyty :)


Scrubxon 14/9/17

@Daveo Hey - always glad to hear some feedback (even if it's negative one :D) ! What was your biggest problem with the Video? I feel like site-speficis are quite an important factor currently since a lot of people are looking for a new "home" so to say, especially with the latest stars changes etc. Hence I feel like adressing those things is in a lot of peoples interested. Since it's just the reality that our hourly as a poker player isen't just defined by what we do at the tables but also by things like choosing what site to play on and maximizing our Rakeback etc. And that's quite the keypoint I want to teach, that WR is not only determined by how good you play but also by how smart you are when it comes to those things. Was it really that disruptive in your eyes? As said always glad to hear feedback and generally always open to criticism. :)

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