'MingTheMerciless93' $100nl Hand History Review

5,273 Views on 12/11/15

Twitch legend and poker coaching god 'mingthemerciless93' is back with another hand history review. This time he is studying hands with his new student. The aim is to get him out of the $100nl games and up to the mid stakes. Focusing on strategy such as...
  • Opening ranges
  • Bet sizing 
  • And player types
For more coaching videos from Chris Leather AKA  'mingthemerciless93'click here! Also don't miss out on Ming's Twitch streams, these are a must see!


Chris  Leather

MingtheMerciless93 has been playing poker since 2003. He was a coach for Cardrunners and DeucesCracked where he produced some of the finest quality training videos of all time.  He has been coached by multiple high stakes players and v ... Read More

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