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PLO Bitesize: Bluffing Meets Value Betting

Aleksey Shestyan 7,103 Views 27:23 Duration

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Aleksey  Shestyan
Aleksey Shestyan
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Playing mainly live mixed games and online MTTs Aleksey has a shown a true passion for poker and an unheard of talent of being able to transition from game to game with very little stress or strain.  Besides grinding poker Aleksey plays pretty much anything that involves strategy and GTO. Chess being one of his passions. Along with the mind games he also has a passion for sports. Jumping into pick up basketball and football games when hes away from the felt!  With a passion for learning, teaching and writing Aleksey will bring you some of the best content online. Enjoy! 

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a few PLO sngs but i am more just playing there to learn cheaply. i find the really small micro stakes to be too spewy to actually make money whereas the SnGs has a lot more skill and easy to identify the regs and i play them to learn.


Jon-PokerVIPon 15/1/14

Seems so hard to not pick up a draw in PLO. Anyone here crushing the PLO tables?


PilarIsAngryon 5/1/14

Hey scooper!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Should have went with my initial read on the player having a Croatian flag. :) We can definitely continue and bet big on all J,A, and diamond turns. These are basically all turns that we have a ton of equity against any reasonable range so we can continue to put in money in those spots.

It will definitely be tricky on all other turns, and the play will most likely be check/deciding on those turns just because you can get more information on what sort of hands they have. This also gives us a chance to have our hand go to the river where it would be showed down and we scoop the pot some of the time.


Drewyton 14/8/17

Hi, just wondering if only certain web browsers can play these videos, or if I need to sign up for a premium account to watch these? It is unclear any help would be great thanks!


scooperon 4/1/14

Nice video. Around 18th minute, hand AAJJ, what would you do on that particular turn if you donked flop and got called by both of them. I guess you continue on any J, A or diamond. What about other turns like K or Q rag?

btw, it is a Croatian flag :D

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