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PLO Bitesize: Pot Equity & Showdown Value

Aleksey Shestyan 7,142 Views 13:47 Duration

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Betfair €15,000 February Race 1

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Aleksey  Shestyan
Aleksey Shestyan
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Playing mainly live mixed games and online MTTs Aleksey has a shown a true passion for poker and an unheard of talent of being able to transition from game to game with very little stress or strain.  Besides grinding poker Aleksey plays pretty much anything that involves strategy and GTO. Chess being one of his passions. Along with the mind games he also has a passion for sports. Jumping into pick up basketball and football games when hes away from the felt!  With a passion for learning, teaching and writing Aleksey will bring you some of the best content online. Enjoy! 

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PilarIsAngryon 23/1/14

Pleased to be of help.

Sure, I\'ll do a PLO mtt video next. That was in the pipeline but I\'ll re-work it so that comes out asap.



I play a fair bit of PLO sngs and this is really helping me understand it all. Could you do a PLO MTT video maybe?


Jon-PokerVIPon 15/1/14

Love how you break all this theory down...even i understand it and im a simple nlher!


PilarIsAngryon 8/1/14

Hey Scooper!

Glad you enjoyed the video.

Flatting is an interesting option in the hand with the two short stacks. Our hand seems too strong to fold in that spot, so if we aren’t folding I don’t really mind flatting or shoving ourselves. It seems when we shove we get value from 3 bettor\'s weaker hands and since I believed he could be lighter than usual in that spot I essentially 4bet all in for value.

If I thought his range was a little tighter I’d definitely consider flatting to invite the other player in and play our hand on the flop.

Thanks for the heads up on equilab omaha, I’ve been using both the nlhe and plo versions and I enjoy those free programs a lot. I’d recommend them as well after playing around with them all morning.



scooperon 7/1/14

Good video again, how do you feel about just calling a squeeze in hand with two shortstackers to invite the other guy in. I don\'t have good feel for shortack ranges so not sure how would our hand play 3way in that spot. Can\'t be that bad. Do we lose too much value by doing that, high RtoR ratio?

I would also like to add Omaha equilab to your list of usefull softwares. It doesn\'t show graphs HandVsHand but it\'s good for quick equity analysis

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