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PokerStars High Stakes: Zoom $500PLO Part 2

Sean Kapul 1,266 Views 36:49 Duration

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Sean Kapul
Sean Kapul
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I’m Sean from California and I’ve been a mid-high stakes PLO pro for the last 7 years. 2015 was a year full of big wins - I played up to $100/$200, and had a 6.2 bb/100 winrate which includes hands in some of the toughest PLO games online. Poker has given me the freedom to travel, live, and spend time in many special places all over the world, which to me is the biggest benefit of playing poker. That and not having a boss. I continue to study and play so I can keep living my dream lifestyle, and now I’m looking to help aspiring PLO players do the same.In 2016, I have 2 goals - to continue my winning ways at mid-high stakes PLO, and to help good NL players transition successfully to PLO cash games so they can boost their winrates and make more money. To get a feel for my thought process and coaching style, check out my instructional videos here at PokerVIP.And if you want more info on my coaching, visit

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redrooski24 aka Sean Kapul is back with part 2 of how to crush the PLO 500 zoom games over on PokerStars. Using...

  • Reads
  • Blockers
  • And advanced theory

... Sean dissects each and every hand discussing the most profitable lines to take.

Click here for Part 1


5/5 (1 Review)

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good stuff. can u open little bit of that modern plo loose blind defense. I will never call with uncoordinated lowish cards. and when i try to loosen i willl get punished. More GTO study needed to pull that off ?

on 16/7/16


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redrooski24on 19/8/16

Sorry about the late reply! I missed it on my notifications earlier. The basic theory is that by folding our BB with a junky hand, we are losing -100bb/100 in that spot. We almost always have an immediately profitable call, and by calling we will usually be able to realize enough of our equity in the hand to lose less than that in the long run. Playing the marginal hands well OOP takes a lot of practice and study, and I always recommend to my students that they slowly add hands to their defending range and not instantly go to defending 80% of hands when they previously were only defending at 50%. It's better to get comfortable with defending a little looser, then loosen up a little more.

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