PokerTips: Focus on the process not the outcome

756 Views on 3/1/22

Today's poker tip is that great players focus on making the process of making good decisions. In poker, there's this phenomenon where you can set up the hand perfectly, you can do everything to trap your opponent and get them to back into your plan only to have a terrible river card come and completely ruin that plan. Or you get all the money in good and you just get unlucky. And that's unlike other games like chess or tennis where great players are just always rewarded, because there's so little luck. In poker, there is luck. And so one of the things that separates the best players from the amateurs is the great players are focused on the process, and the making the best decision possible, whereas amateurs are focused on the outcome. Hope that helps subscribe to this channel, like this video if you want more poker tips of the day, and I'll see you the next one. Cheers. 

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