How To Identify & Overcome Tilt

5,123 Views on 15/6/17

Struggle to deal with tilt? Top mind coach Steffen is here to help give you the skills you need to identify tilt and how you can overcome it.

Tilt is probably the most destructive mindset to have for a poker player and although it is a hotly debated topic, its largely not understood. Steffen breaks it down and teaches you three important strategies that will help you reduce your own tilt and maxmise your profits!

Key points in this video...

Comment below on what makes you tilt and any strategies you have developed to help you overcome it!


Steffen Rachut

Steffen is a Counseling Psychologist and a Mental Game Coach. He helps ambitious poker players become their personal best by coaching them through their mental blocks. His passion for the mental game of poker started during his own active c ... Read More


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