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Zoom PLO Strategy Video

Ville Montonen 4,060 Views 38:43 Duration

5/5 (3 Reviews)
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OPL Season 12
Ville Montonen

MeI’m 37 years old poker player and I have been playing poker since 2006. I started playing PLO somewhere around 2008. I have been working as a poker coach since 2010. During the last 5 years I have produced over 100 educational videos and held few hundred public coachings. So far I have had about 75 private students from all over the world whom I have coached. Not one of them have been unsatisfied (as far as I know) about the content of the coaching. So far I have produced material for two different poker schools, and now I am happy to produce content to too! For whom?Most of my coaching is aimed for PLO2-PLO50 players. It doesn’t really matter what your skill level is, as I can help total newbies and more skilled regulars. It doesn’t matter if your problems are technical, tactical or mental, I believe I can help you. Outside poker I am working as a high level (international) sports coach and as a teacher for kids in preschool and kindergarten. That gives me some tools and perspective to teach others. Private CoachingTypical methods for private coachings are: – Session review (previously played) – Going through hand histories – Session sweating (live) – Database leak finding – Learning equity and pot odds calculations with examples – Learning to use PokerJuice – Going through a specific concept or a spot with examples and hand histories – Addressing mental game errors and leaksOutside of those we can go through theory in different ways, the objective is to find the best ways for student to learn. Normal way to start is to watch a previously played session (in video) or hand histories so we can find what your game level is and what the best ways are to improve it both in short and long term. Two most common topics in coachings have been range definition and how to use that in decision making. I have a lot of experience in teachings those for low stakes players.

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Ville is back with another video on "Crushing PLO" - this time he is over on the zoom 10/25 cent games! Live playing and 2 tabling with the use of a HUD, Ville shows you exactly how to...
  • Exploit your opponents
  • Gain edges
  • Use simple mathematics to win
  • And discusses blockers throughout
This video is perfect to help you master the PLO Zoom games and get that money rolling in!

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5/5 (3 Reviews)

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No Rating

Hi, just wondering if only certain web browsers can play these videos, or if I need to sign up for a premium account to watch these? It is unclear any help would be great thanks!

on 14/8/17




Veri informative and an awesome pokermind. Being a winning player at under PLO100 Zoom is super tough because of the rake so you really need to know your shit!! Gr8 video thank you

on 23/1/16




good just want more of them :)

on 16/1/16


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TheChampionon 30/5/17

00:35 A932ss SBvBB open -We're OOP, we have a shitty non smooth hand, villain is unknown so no skill advantage aka we don't know which spots we can exploit ->Why open it? 02:20 2245ss SBvBB open -Same thing only that villain is 33/20 which is even worse considering he seems aggro 03:30 AKs77s SBvBB open -Same 04:30 KcQcTc5 BTNvUTG defend -Versus unkown UTG range we do poorly, even have reverse implieds, considering blinds are gonna come along often low bluff/fold equity 05:00 8764ss SB defend vs open+call -OOP, multiway so no bluffing so only showdown value, makes bad 2 pairs and the times we hit the nut wrap villains usually don't have anything big on such low boards, lots of reverse implied with non nut SDs as well 06:30 CO open QJ82ss -wtf is this? especially when BTN is unkown ie. could be wide 07:30 -Q877ss missed 2p on the flop and later on FH 09:30 -open SBvBB QJT6r 11:10 5432ds MP open -interesting 13:30 T843r BTN open 569ss cb -not sure about the open and seems to me we would get a lot of calls vs our cbet on this flop texture 19:15 AJJKds on T76dd OOP SBvBB cb vs reg + river better to continue -again on the flop feels like we're not getting much folds and we can't continue on many turn cards unless hearts, maybe diamonds but not sure w/o a blocker/river I'd bet for value cuz with BDFD completing we can get lots of bluff catchers from str8 while I think even busted FDs have 2p often or so to XB on the river for showdown 20:20 KhT87h 3bp IP vs BB QT4r cb call Turn 5 call pot bet -not sure if turn call is cool vs pot bet cuz we need 35% and we have 30% vs AA 21:00 QJ87ss open CO BTN30/12 BB 63/0 -probably okay although we'll be in 3w sandwich a lot OOP 21:50 -missed value on the river 23:30 T752ss open and call 3b + maybe river xc -why open? why call a 3b OOP? river maybe considering xc if he's aggro enough cuz much draws miss that he can have 24:30 29Qhh J turn probe call JT66 -if villain is bluffing he'll bet twice and make us fold, if he has a decent hand he'll xc bluffcatch a lot, if he's strong we're fucked, I can see this work often enough 27:00 min 6685ss defend BB 3w -interesting

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