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Over 600 free poker coaching videos from the World's best online players. Our poker coaches are proven winners at their stake level, using the best poker strategy to succeed in the games of today.

25nl On HighStakes 1/4

It is time to take on HighStakes as Fergal loads up 2 tables of 25nl to show you his top strategies and plays. 

Fergal Brophy 3,920 Views on 15/7/19

Jack Of HighStakes €40,000 Freeroll Leaderboard Promo

HighStakes are launching the greatest ever promotion we have seen aimed at freeroll players. With €40,000 in prizes up...

PokerVIP Coaching 3,387 Views on 25/6/19

PLO Coaching on HighStakes

NLHE is known as the old solved game so Seb is here to show you how to take advantage of PLO and the players who's strat...

Sebastian Lorenz 3,504 Views on 7/2/19

Micro Stakes Poker Coaching Part 1

Scrubx is here to show you how to win money playing the micro stakes online. Playing 25nl and 50nl he teaches you all th...

Sebastian Lorenz 3,099 Views on 28/1/19

Six MaxNLHEMicro
Playing 25nl on HighStakes 1/2

HighStakes have changed software and Seb is here to tell you all about it whilst playing 25nl across two tables. Th...

Sebastian Lorenz 4,711 Views on 19/11/18

Six MaxNLHEMicro
HighStakes Poker Part 1/4

We introduce to you HighStakes where players can play poker vs the world including Asia. In this video we explore the ...

PokerVIP Coaching 3,597 Views on 24/10/18

Six MaxNLHEMicro
20nl Poker Coaching 2/2

Fergal jumps straight into the action on the new GUTS software showcasing what they have to offer, how it works and how ...

Fergal Brophy 3,439 Views on 17/9/18

Six MaxNLHEMicro
GUTS New Software 20nl 1/2

Fergal is back grinding the 20NL tables on the new and improved GUTS poker client! Over the past couple of months GUTS h...

Fergal Brophy 4,032 Views on 17/9/18

Six MaxNLHEMicro
Global Poker 10nl Session 2/2

The worlds best coach (our opinion) Ming is back to teach you micro stakes grinders how to clean up and win all of the m...

Chris Leather 3,320 Views on 10/9/18

Six MaxNLHEMicro
Global Poker 10nl Session 1/2

Sit back, grab a pen and get ready to start taking some notes as Ming loads up 2 tables of 10nl on Global Poker. Wi...

Chris Leather 3,718 Views on 10/9/18


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