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PKR pool has joined the Microgaming pool, helping the overall traffic grow a huge amount, with such a large pool of casual players around it's hard not to have fun, just such soft games. If you have issues with the software being slow, remeber it is resource heavy, but using the 'lite' version you can play happily without all that jumping around and gesturing avatars stuff. Use the 3D version for the fun games and earning points to update your avatar and buy items from the store. It's fun but not much use for a multitabling.

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Using the PKR lite to play on helps soooo much on PKR. Less animations and graphics makes the game run more smoothly and makes multi tabling much easier. I have played on this site on and off for 5+ years now and it has always been one of the softest around. The good thing with PKR is they are constantly marketing their sites in popular mags and on TV with commercials so the fish are always there. Reliable, soft and medioca traffic. Great for nl and plo heads up players btw - always good games.

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PKR is a good place to have some poker fun. The games, from what I have played are quite soft, the variety of ways in which you can view your poker table and interact with your avatar and opponents is a refreshing change. They have a decent vip program and are constantly offering incentives to play at the tables which is both good for the regular player and for the recreational player looking to get a little something extra for their time.

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I made an account on PKR to recieve the free cash they were offering. Here are my thoughts. Positives: -The software is unique and looks great. - No other site offers such customization and it almost feels like a kind of sims plays poker kind of thing. - Soft player pool due to the lack of true grinding potential. - Generous startout bonuses - Cool Satellites to PKR live. Negatives: - There need to be a lot more MTTs to play at less peak hours. I found myself having to wait a few hours before a decent structured tournament came up. - Most of the tournaments are Rebuy+Addon, annoying for those who prefer the freezeouts. - The software can lead to tables becoming slow, so you need to use PKR Lite which is less innovative. - Smaller traffic than most sites Overall, I wasn't playing on PKR very long due to the lack of traffic in MTTs and better cash games on other sites such as Stanjames and Partypoker. Would I recommend this site site to beginners? Well, the issue is that sites like Sky, Party and 888 offer softer games with more traffic. So to be honest, the only real attraction of PKR is the innovative software, and If you love it, this would be the site for you.

star star star star star 5.0

PKR was the very first site I played on and to be honest I love it. Unlike most other sites it seems very friendly just to play and chat with other players at the table without getting berated like other sites. I still speak to some players 7 years on. If you dont like, which has to be said, slow full 3D there are also options for the 2D games which are more like what everybody is used to They have lots of different types of tourneys and try introduce a lot of new formats which cannot be found anywhere else. The cash games are soft from the little experience I have had with them as I have mainly played tourneys as I feel they are mega soft. One good benefit is that loyalty points are for life and once you reach a level you stay on that level forever, so if you need a break for a month you can come back and still come back and get the same amount of points as you would have for playing that same grind a month ago.

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Soft games and very impressive software. I really believe that even Pokerstars would have a hard time re-creating what PKR have done. However, I fear this type of software might be somewhat of a fad and the room has always struggled to get really serious traffic. If you are happy to go at a slightly slower pace or play multiple sites, I would definitely recommend PKR as you should be able to win and will encounter very soft opposition.

star star star star star 4.0

Really good site. Fancy software appeals to recreational players so the quality of games is really good. PokerVIP deal is also really nice for grinders. It's rare to find a site with both soft games and solid rakeback deal. Software might seem a bit slow for some players, but this shouldn't be a big issue for most.

star star star star star 4.0

LOVE PKR really soft and the gaems keep pumping in a lot of recreational players! The regs are likely to tilt! Really hope the 32% RB deal continues now I've finished the first 60 days, if it does then I won't move site for a long time. Only downside is lack of games at 1/2 and up...

star star star star star 4.0

Although PKR would not be somewhere I would go to do some serious grinding, it is a really fun site for when you just want to take it easy and have some fun. The bonuses & promos make this deal well worth a shot too!