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star star star star star 1.0

Traffic - LOL Software - OMG Soft? - yea, if you can find a table Deposits/withdrawals - OMG, still struggling to get my money out of there... They let me make a deposit via paypal, but wont let me withdraw, asking for documents to confirm who i am, thats fine, but not letting me withdraw the same way i deposited is a bit weird. Now i had to enter my full bank details to try and get $$$ out. Support - fast, but useless, asked them why did site suddenly go from having some tables running to absolutely empty and unable to even sit down at the table, they told me to clear my web browser cookies etc, come ON!!! Nice rakeback and bonuses? - LOL, thats if you can actually clear them with this lol traffic. Should have never left stars. Let it be the hardest to play site, but everything works lightning fast and feels like at home. This little journey to betvictor has cost me money! STAY AWAY! kkthxbye

star star star star star 5.0

Very happy with this site. Traffic is fine, games are decently soft. Software is very solid, customer service is competent.

THE cash game in microgamin newwork nowday are full of regs :(

star star star star star 4.0

BV is a good site for cash game players, nice layout. Decent traffic at full-ring and 6-max a lot of the time. Not as soft as some independent sites

star star star star star 3.0

The site is decent, good traffic and some rakeback too. Their support is very helpful if you need help with deposits or casino games but they are pretty clueless when it comes to poker. Expect to have to contact them many times because their poker team can't figure out where your 2 euros went and they keep transferring you so they don't have to answer your questions.

star star star star star 5.0

BV is a good site for cash game players, nice layout, software and HUD allowed. Can't ask for more really.

star star star star star 5.0

Really like this site. The game client is fairly easy to use and has a fair amount of options as far as styles of tables etc. The games are pretty soft, especially due to the fact that they have anonymous tables. These tables allow players to play and not be known or have tracking software used on them. Also has the ability to change your alias every month on regular, which helps if you don't want to be tracked too heavily and also gives the weaker players a sense of security that they aren't being tracked to hard. Was really easy to get setup to be able to do cash outs etc and the support staff I worked with was very helpful. The only downsides that I have seen so far would be in table selection. When you table select you cannot see the people who are seated at the tables. This makes sense on anon tables but not much sense on reg tables. You also cannot select which seat. The system automatically selects which seat you get.

star star star star star 4.0

Quite love this site, decent traffic at full-ring and 6-max a lot of the time. Pretty soft players and the software itself is sleek and easy to use. I like the anonymous tables as well and a decent range of tournaments throughout the day

star star star star star 5.0

I play here at the microstakes levels and the games are definitely soft. Games run nice, smooth and fast. Great support that will help you with any issues. Also have a rake race on site which the regular players who play a little higher will be able to make use from. Also they have some real great promotions that occasionally run that make the games even better! On top of this, they also have anonymous games for those that feel they prefer to play that way.

star star star star star 5.0

I have no experience of higher but at microstakes this site is a superb place to play as it has sports betting as well, always a welcome boost to the pool! As part of the Microgaming network the software is generally good and the games really soft. Be aware if you like fast fold type games that they have Blaze Poker here and it doesn't usually run higher than nl4. However, every now and again they have a promo which brings the whole world out to take a punt on it. Good times. The player pool has recently been boosted by an amalgamation with the PKR pool which, as a regular there, I have to say has made this site the nuts! Remember PKR is where they can jump up and down and make gestures in 3D and throw things etc., so you can imagine the player pool type there for yourself! I cant comment on their Support because I have ahd no real issues with the site so far. You wont get HM2 to work here but PT4 works after a fashion for session stats so tracking is possible. Just a great site to play imo.