Daniel 'Jungleman' Cates: Ask Me Anything Thread

Posted 4 years ago

Very pumped to announce that the one and only Jungleman has agreed to run an official AMA with us!

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Daniel is best known for his online heads up play, live tournament crushing and for never holding back on his emotions whilst at the table.

Some stats:


- Won over $10million playing as Jungelman12 on Full Tilt Poker

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Won over $1.1million playing as w00ki3z on PokerStars

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- Has won untold $millions on none tracked euro sites.


Cashed for $3,480,076 including:

- 2nd place Monte Carlo €100k super high roller for $ 1,774,145
- 2nd place Party Poker Premier League for $300,000
- 1st place WPT Alpha 8 $100k for $500,000


To put it simple Dan has been around, seen it all and done it all!

Fire away Wink

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Posted 4 years ago
Hi everyone,

I will do my best to answer everything Smile
Posted 4 years ago
Thread officially open...ask anything!
Posted 4 years ago
I have to ask the obvious one sorry Sad

What is the current state of the Durrrr challenge?
Posted 4 years ago
When is the best time to start play poker for fulltime?

When you have won a big tournament or when you think you can beat the game en deposit a huge amount of dollars on a pokersite ?
Posted 4 years ago
Holy shit, Jungle, you're one of my all time favorite poker figure!

1. How much you had your own action in your 5m Manila loss you tweeted a while ago, and have you been back to those games?
2. Estimated % of Durrr challenge ever finishing?
3. Have you ever got scammed, and if yes, the biggest one?
4. You ever beaten up anyone at poker table? (hitmens doesn't qualify)
5. US / Latina / Asian / Euro chicks?
6. Biggest pot you've played?
7. Biggest pot you've witnessed?
8. Biggest pot you've heard rumours / stories of?

Gonna be more, thanks in advance!
Posted 4 years ago
Heard some rumors of some epic 50/100 heads up battles on untracked euro sites with Isildur1....any truth to this?
Posted 4 years ago
not sure how to string quotes, so Ill answer questions collectively:

durrr challenge: Tom's dad is sick and he is in New Jersey with him, later we will discuss how to proceed...

The most reliable way to play full time is to actually build a roll from low stakes while playing, or play and have results over a consistent enough sample. Winning a tournament is fairly meaningless, and jumping into games you have not proven you can beat might lead to disappointment!

1.Manila: i lost about 4 buyins in that game, but I personally did not have a large share...
2. Challenge: I think it will eventually finish in some way, tom acknowledges it has been too long as well as the penalties and we will discuss again once he is out of his latest crises....
3. of course, the biggest time was when i crossbooked 3/6 100x, i won something like 2m total and got paid 70k of it or so. Special thanks to FoxwoodFiends to setting that up right after the same person played Galfond.
4.Never beat someone up at the poker table
5. what about girls? I like the white girls and latina girls, not much else
6. I guess i played some 25m+ hkd pots in manila, but i dont remember which ones were the biggest
7. I saw tom get set over set on a dry board vs another player for something like 20m usd total pot
8. I know bigger private games than this one are played in china and possibly also Russia, but I cant talk about them much more than this. I also cannot talk much more about the big games in Manila.

I would guess it's very likely Isildur played on microgaming, especially since I have no idea where his money is coming from these days
Posted 4 years ago
Hey Jungle quick question. What's the one thing holding most good players back from ever being great?
Posted 4 years ago
Was top on the winning end of that $20million USD pot? Crazy amount of money!
Posted 4 years ago
How did you feel when FTP announced the nosebleed heads up tables were being removed?
Posted 4 years ago
How much money do you estimate Tom Dwan is worth?
Posted 4 years ago
How does it feel to be such a big part of the poker world and have so much media attention?
Posted 4 years ago
Jungle, you're a legend. I have a couple questions, but it's totally cool if you don't want to comment on some of these.

1. Do you think the dream is dead (winning 1M in a year online starting from scratch, barring luckboxing tourneys)?
2. Do you think PLO is slowly becoming "the poker game", replacing NLHE? Do you think PLO cash could be more profitable?
3. When are you going to get that WCG grudge match going? You beating Doug over 15k hands would be the best thing ever.
4. Are there any sites that you think are good for leveling up HU cash, say up to mid stakes? Many people don't like zoom...
5. Which games besides PLO and NLHE do you play with the primary goal to make money? How big is the skill edge in these games? Did you have to study a lot to become a winning player in those?
6. Do you have any hope for legalisation of online poker in the States in the near future? Do you think this will likely start a new poker boom?

Thanks for doing this, man.
Posted 4 years ago*
Jungle, who would you say are the top 5 nlhe HU regs in your opinion? And bring them in order, please. Thanks buddy.
Posted 4 years ago
As a smallstakes NL headsup player, how much of my off-table studies would you recommend i devote to PIO?

I ask because some devote 100% of their time to PIO and others like WCG_rider seem to find a a waste of time.
Posted 4 years ago
as far as what differentiates good players from great players, in my mind good players and great players are not so black and white in a sense. Great players should be better than good ones in a bunch of little ways, but particularly different in the aspect that great players will try to see what they can do better always whereas good ones remain complacent. I think the idea that there is some magic factor beyond that that differentiates them is ridiculous, and instead the difference is due to the culmination of many factors.

other guy was on top of 20m, not tom. I cant say who the other guy was.

I didnt care that ft removed the tables at that point, it was more like a hallmark for what everyone had already knew had happened (action died there). I barely played there at the time

Tom dwan is probably worth 7figs or so in theory but not sure about his liquidity

i get used to the attention, you can get used to anything really Smile feels good mostly overall

It might be still possible to make a million from scratch from online poker, but it would way damn hard in comparison to how it used to be... i think maybe between .005% to .001% might be able to do it?

PLO has been more profitable than nl on the whole for some time, i mean live it is played way more in places that are not china. Online in general is dying.

I did in fact play wcg a number of times over the last few years... I am up something like 30+ buyins at cash and another 10+ at sngs or so. That being said I did not think he was easy ofc, and often didnt play from fear of the worlds greatest hunl player Smile

Maybe some euro sites are good for playing hu cash, I really dont know. I've had students play on them, im sure mid stakes is on a bunch of sites.

Currently I basically play every game for money if it is possible to have an edge, Ideally the ones where biggest edge is possible. You probably have to study less for most other games overall to win, but there is little action and edges are often thinner. 2-7 limit td is the worst game in that edges are tiny, variance is huge, and you will have to really work on your game to beat anyone good.

I guess online poker will eventually be legal in the US, but i would not count on it creating a second boom

I dont know who the top 5 nl players are in order, I do not think things are so black and white. I believe I am somewhere in top 3, but i wouldnt even state exactly where. I think doug and dong would be in the group for sure today, but it appears that they have basically quit hunl... I also thought Kaby and Ike were very good.

pio is for sure not a waste of time, I personally learned things from it and some of the biggest winners use it as well. Some very good players respect it, but I won't say who for now. In my opinion it is ironic that he believes it to be a waste of time since many of his proteges act as though nl use fixed betsizes themselves... I thought doug and dong were much better than his other proteges, and and i wish they would play me some more Wink
Posted 4 years ago
Who are these WCG proteges you speak of? Do you battle those guys now in the HU zoom pools?

How would you plan to the future as a mid/high stakes NL reg? How long do you see poker as a viable career path for a midstakes online reg?

How many times in your poker career have you genuinely thought about quitting for good? What would the figure for you to walk away from the poker world and never play again be?

If online poker died tomorrow would you play live full time or do something else with your time?

Sorry for the barrage of questions. Big fanboy!
Posted 4 years ago
Jungle, Thanks for doing this, This is awesome!

What do you really think of Scott Siever?

You both gave some great TV entertainment with your needles in the Premier League and The NBC Heads Up Championship, Was there some Online history between you both?

On another random note, Would you ever consider streaming on Twitch? I've enjoyed your online battles against Ryan Fee's and Doug Polk on the UPSwing Poker channel Smile
Posted 4 years ago
Hey Jungle,
Really cool of you to be doing this!

- Biggest aha moment in NLHE when moving up the stakes?
- How do you prepare yourself before your sessions?
- How much off table work compared to actual gameplay? (Just a rough number)
- Have you ever broken anything after loosing at big pot online - if yes, what was it?
- If you were a superhero what would your name and super power(s) be?

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