Posted 3 years ago
Live poker is pretty much Auckland or nothing. Hamilton, where I live, is the 4th biggest city and our casino doesn't even offer games any more!

Hey Jon - I got an email when I joined about going to a thread and posting on the forums, updating Avatars etc and joining a site to get a free lesson but I couldn't post on the thread (a 2016 one) that the email linked me to. Can you help me out mate?

Posted 3 years ago
Hey buddy

I think you may have received an old email there sorry!

Drop me a PM and we can sort something out for you.
Posted 3 years ago
Hi Guys/Gals

I'm a 50 year old guy from Scotland.

Started playing online limit micros years ago but because of my situation at the time it tailed off. Found myself recently with more time on my hands due to a change in work so started playing again. This time, as the limit game has seemed to have dried up, I decided to learn the no-limit game.

Loaded $40 into 888 last month and have been plugging away at the 1c/2c game. I forgot how much much fun it is, though it is a steep learning curve.

Thanks to Jons beginners coaching videos (Tonybet and Micro Tank) I've still got some of my stack left. Smile

My main goal is to increase my stack to allow me to play at higher stakes and to get villains to pay for my Poker Tracker.

Thanks for being here.

Posted 3 years ago
Hey @Padlock welcome to the forum! Really pleased to hear my videos have helped you not go broke Smile

Do you have a [url=]SKY[/url] account by any chance? 888 ain't the place to be Smile
Posted 3 years ago
Thanks Jon.

Will be investing thru the site.

Is 888 bad because of the tables ain't so soft, rackback, or what?

Just say the tables are tough and I'll take it as a compliment 'cos I haven't gone broke yet. Smile
Posted 3 years ago
From my own experience it's the rakeback being non-existant
Posted 3 years ago
Hy everybody,

I am a mid30s Pokerplayer from Vienna.

if there is a Studygroup in and around vienna i would be happy to join.

I play micros at the moment and hope to improve my game.

Posted 3 years ago
Welcome! Some beats have lived/live in Vienna over the years...Jungleman and Fedor spring to mind so hopefully you will follow in their footsteps!

Which site you on?
Posted 3 years ago*
I startet new on 365... so far i like it there...
as i am playing through the micros I might try some sites but so far playing on 365 feels compared to 888 and bwin like shooting fish in a barrel Smile

I didn't know that about Jungle... lets see how he fares in the HeadsUp tournament Smile
Posted 3 years ago
Hello and how are u dear poker players? I am new here hopw will learn some more tricks and skills here!
Posted 3 years ago
Skrills and tricks are what we are known for Punch
Posted 3 years ago
Welcome @Imse1987 , another one turning 30 this year? Sad
Posted 3 years ago
30 is the new 20, I repeatedly tell myself as I get up in the morning
Posted 3 years ago
Haha well I just joined the 30's club and it does actually feel different.
Posted 3 years ago
Hello to everyone,

my name is Sotiris and i come from Greece. I m playing the game as a hobby for the past 6 years. Mainly online mtts at pokerstars, hitting the micro and low stakes mtts. Had a lot of decent scores along the way but looking mainly to have fun and improve. This seems like a great community to make that happen and i m looking forward to get involved.
Posted 3 years ago
Why did I think Greece was banned from Stars?
Posted 3 years ago
There's not many but Stars is one, another really difficult country for online
Posted 3 years ago
Posted 3 years ago
free_slots: hey

Why does this feel like a ton of spam about slots is about to come? Smile

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