I Got Hacked

Posted 3 years ago

So I went to log into my email last week and it said it seemed someone else has been using my account and asked me a load of security questions etc. After about an hour of it denying me I gave up and thought I'd sort another time as I'm not using it that much. Looked at my bank this morning and spotted that there were a load of Paypal transactions that had come out.

I knew I hadn't bought anything recently so checked it out and turns out someone has hacked my ebay account and was buying some of the most random shit. A hairdryer, a webcam, a wallet, a phonecase, just ridiculous stuff and had changed the shipping address.

Obviously I contacted ebay right away and actually they were very good. Took 1 min to get through to them by phone, they put me on hold for 5 minutes then came back and said they had sorted it all and contacted my bank to reverse the transactions and to just change my ebay password and also my email.

So its all done and sorted but I just find it so weird. It cant be worth it surely? Mustn't be too hard to track them with a postal address? And you'd think they would go for something a bit more exciting then a £2.99 phone case lol.

Slightly concerned about what else they could access though. I'm trying to remember which other accounts I used that password on!

Anyone know much about this stuff? How do they hack my password in the first place?


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Posted 3 years ago*
I use a password manager to create passwords that are apparently super hard to crack and it stores them for me, that way I only need to remember the initial log in password and the rest is done for me.
A couple of popular password managers are 'Dashlane' (which I use) and 'Lastpass' but there are others and I'm not expert enough to recommend one over the other.

If you use the same password for more than one site, change them, if one gets hacked they have them all. Change them quick.

Glad you got it all back by the way, nice job Ebay.

Posted 3 years ago
Well, getting hacked sure sucks. I'm glad you resolved your issue with eBay. As far as the how and why of someone obtaining your password the most likely scenarios ar phishing attack, virus/malware (keylogger) or attack on a site that had poor security assuming that you use the same password for many different sites (you can check if that's the case here: https://haveibeenpwned.com/).

You should change your password on all the important sites, consider using an app like 'LastPass' that @Pwll mentioned above. Also, enable two-step verification where possible (Gmail for example). Scan your computer with an antivirus (Windows Defender, AVG etc.) and an anti-malware software (Malwarebytes anti-malware for example). That should be enough to fix the issue assuming that the attacker isn't very persistent or knowledgeable. You'd be surprised how hard it is to catch a perpetrator in most of those cases. Hackers usually don't use the information obtained from website/phishing attacks, instead, they sell them to someone else and if that person's country of residence is different than yours and he/she is at least somewhat competent, it's going to be very hard and certainly inefficient to try to catch them.
Posted 3 years ago
People who does that doesn't really care about getting caught. Here in Finland some people order high-cost electronics with a bill and then sell it unopened for lowered price. That way they can get cash instantly and they don't worry about consequences. Then they go to court and have to pay it back with a fine, which is impossible as they have no income.

Usually the threat of consequences doesn't really prevent crimes, as you can see in US.
Posted 3 years ago
Thanks for the advice guys! I have a lot of work to do here... lol Sweating
Posted 3 years ago
I started to use LastPass after my Skype and PokerStrategy accounts were hacked. Luckily I got all the scammed money back, and learned my lesson. And 2-way authentication with Google Authenticator when it's possible.
Posted 3 years ago
Ended up having to cancel my bank card after another transaction came out. Realised that the transactions were not showing on my PayPal also so seems someone had linked another PayPal to my eBay and for that they would need my card details. So fuck knows how this happened. I couldn't be more broke this month either so perfect timing. Totally screwed me! I have some of the money back but still waiting on some.
Posted 3 years ago
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