I am not a Nit just a opportunist

Posted 1 year ago

It's been a while since I last updated my past thread when i was re discovering Poker and starting from the bottom again. Since the old journey got a promo at work so ridiculously financially stable now but i am not burning money yet (im a Fraud Analyst). The new job does also mean more time spent at work Sad

Played on alot sites, since joining now but I prefer these three Unibet, bet VIctor and Tonybet. I did run up quite a roll on Unibet playing 4NL (lowest stake). Only down side to unibet is you cant table select. Yes I am a bad person who likes to find a good table with an agro fish and exploit him.

I took most of my roll from Unibet & played on Tonybet and made a bit of cash but the traffic is on the low side but some of the games are really really good. Eventually I put most of the money in the bank to get myself well in the black and looking for a new house soon. Looking to sell my flat which I am excited about but being homeless or living with my parents again i just cant decided which I prefer.

So been playing 2NL and 4NL on BV, over rolled but not enough for 10nl. The aim is to become a 10NL reg..and crush it. My main strategy so far has been table selection, I know when im the sucker at the table.

I need to improve my studying away from the table and actually use PT4.

Really worth watching Kid Poker documentary on Netflix its really inspiring after a bad beat Wink

Roll is £140-£150 (playing in euros)
28k hands played but recently changed my alias so the rest of my hands will be on another graph.
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Posted 1 year ago
Yo dude great to see you back!

What job do you do?
Posted 1 year ago
Senior fraud analyst for a bank/sarcastic bastard
Posted 1 year ago

BTW has PT4 changed much? Reckon it is about 12 months since I last used it.
Posted 1 year ago
I haven't noticed a lot but I probably dont use it to is full potentail
Posted 1 year ago*
So last 3 days (2.5k hands) have been very car crash,havent been able to win a pot or the river is just brutal. Mite go back to Unibet farming. Got love getting wrecked by 49/1's

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Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
$0.02/$0.04 No Limit Holdem 6 Players

UTG Player 3 $4.59
UTG+1 Player 4 $4
CO Player 5 $13.20
DHero $6.95
SB Player 1 $5.45
BB Player 2 $9.34
6$0.06Hero is BTNA4
2 folds, Player 5 raises to $0.16, Hero calls$0.16, 2 folds
Player 5 bets $0.19, Hero calls$0.19
Player 5 bets $0.38, Hero raises to $1.14, Player 5 calls $0.76
Player 5 bets $1.52, Hero calls$1.52
Final Pot$6.08
Player 5 shows J9
Hero shows A4

Player 5 wins $5.96 (net +$3.33)
Hero lost$3.01
Posted 1 year ago
I haven't posted in a long time but I have been putting in a lot of hours working on my mental game because I want to be able to put in longer sessions, which requires discipline and to avoid tilt.

My Check list is below
How do I feel right now?
How good is my actual condition?
Does my condition really correspond to the way I feel?
Am I fit enough to play?
Am I still able to play my A-game?

I can identify tilt now and I noticed I do not tilt when I lose a standard cooler or a 57/4 player sucks out on a 3 outer etc, I was tilting when I was just getting owned. I know this sounds simple but I have revenge tilt, simple solution is leave the table but I need to be thinking how can I exploit his actions when I do X action.

Summary - I should think about the hand(s) and how I can I exploit this in the next hand, which is the more logical thing to think about rather than getting tilted.

Poker playing

Took a stab at 10nl on BV which worked out really well. I was grinding on BV but took the role to the Ipoker network to get a signup bonus but Natural8 and all in Asia look good but I want the tracking. I may have to get a account re tagged at some point is that possible?

i plan to make some videos, so I can improve my game and link them to this blog. Going to try and update this on a weekly basis.

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Posted 1 year ago
Wow some solid winnings there mate! Yeh N8 retag is fine bud just hit live support or get in touch with @CrazyKeri for that!

Where you based again? Got some new MG rooms which have sick bonuses so can easily hook you up there again if you need

As for the mindset my only piece of advice is to try and forget it. Just literally try not to let anything bother you at the tables or off them and even when it comes to handling day to day stuff just always think calm and it will rub off when on the tables. GL
Posted 1 year ago
Based in England
Posted 1 year ago
Hey @daveo please check your PMs Smile
Posted 1 year ago*
Keyword for this update will be: Heater

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Well I think I am one which is great but I still have the occasional losing session, but my mental game is getting so much better I just need discipline to keep playing when I know its the A game. Signed up to another microgaming site, Betway for that signup bonus etc.

I just wanted to ask the question - When is the right time to move up? I have a bank roll for 20nl (26 buyins in euros) but it doesnt feel like I have played at 10NL enough. Total hands tracked is 50k but this was mostly 4NL.

10NL stats

Attached Image

There is no rush to move up but I would like to demonstrate I am a half decent player and potentially be a coach in the long term. Thought I would share one of my hands below which is example of the run good I have experienced. I just wanted to steal the 60p pre flop, but after watching many videos I like to mix up play Cheeky

I couldn't get the hand to post on weak tight.

56s steal
Posted 1 year ago
Hey man nice blog i will be following, if you would like advice on moving up here it is, DO NOT DO IT ! Laugh well not yet anyways 26 buy ins is not enough and move other players will agree with me on this, the route which is most often recommended is 40 buy ins for the next limit up which is 800 euro and take a 10 buy in shot and drop back down if you lose 200 in this case, this is what i normally do, however i am currently on a course with best poker coaching and with them we have to have 50 buy ins in order to move up with the same 10 buy in shot.
Also its usually good to have 50-100k hands at your current limit and be beating it over the sample.
Here is a link to my journey if you want to check it out My Journey good luck in the grindand i might see you at the 10nl tables on BV pretty soon Cheeky
Posted 1 year ago
Keyword today would be Nit

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So the games have been really dull,and I did lose all of my sessions this week but I never lost over 2 buyins per session. I did want to finish the graph up to 100k hands but I don't know if i can stick it out. Maybe I need a break, I have been thinking about just going back to a non hud site because those games can be a lot more fun. The weekend is still to come but I am not feeling that confident.

I think the heater has been switched of.

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Been working on the mental game, currently reading the mental game of poker on my tablet. Chris Moorman's book is good if you like your SNG's/Tourneys.

Attached Image

Just over 60k hands

Attached Image

Posted 1 year ago
Man you are the first person I have seen read Moormans book. Can you give maybe 5-10 cliffs on it please?
Posted 1 year ago
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So not much holdem in Feb, it was a very average month probably slight down at NL10 but wanted to try and play omaha for so long I had to give it a go.

Probably played less than 100 hands of omaha, during my first session I felt extremely overwhelmed but just seeing what the players showed at showdown was a learning experience. My discipline to fold is going to be tested but really been working on the mental game and even have a pre session preparation plan so I maintain focus.

Moving my BR to unibet just for some Omaha fun, I dont have software for Omaha so no point playing on a site with huds and getting destroyed.Mite recorded the hands where I get into difficult spots.

Moormans book - If your into MTT/SNG's its a good read but I would have prefer if they focused more on the MTT's.
Posted 1 year ago
Well Omaha has been interesting, been playing on stars and unibet. Been getting crushed more often then not getting to married to top set in some questionable spots.

Think I am down $15 at 2nl over 4k hands of zoom. It is a fun game, If I go broke I guess its back to 10nl holdem Evil grin

I dont understand the snap pot bet? its either value or a weak hand not wanting you to draw but people use it differently. I also need to learn when to get it in because recently its been bad. I didn't think much about this hand just because the guy was very loos but now for that exact reason the hand makes alot of sense.

For example,

Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
$0.01/$0.02 Pot Limit Omaha Hi PokerStars
6 Players

UTG Player4 $2.07
UTG+1Hero $3.42
CO Player6 $7.47
D Player1 $2.48
SB Player2 $5.84
BB Player3 $2
6$0.03Hero is UTG+19QKK
1 fold, Hero raises to $0.06, 2 folds, Player2 calls $0.05, 1 fold
Player2 checks, Hero bets$0.10, Player2 calls $0.10
Player2 checks, Hero bets$0.33, Player2 raises to $0.70, Hero raises to $2.43, Player2 goes all-in $5.68, Hero calls$0.83
2$9.28, 1 all-in 4
Final Pot$9.28
Player2 shows 8796
Hero shows 9QKK

Player2 wins $11.47 (net +$5.63)
Hero lost$3.42
Posted 1 year ago
I am no PLO player but I am not sure if this is any good?


Posted 1 year ago
I would bet call the turn, and be happy they raised small. You are too deep to stack KKxx here when they will have a lot of 679x type hands to check call that flop, some Kxxx too but we block most combos of K9xx which might check call flop and if aggressive check raise turn though I really doubt there are many people doing this.55xx 88xx hands do not really take this line.

The 4h river is a card we could try to bluff, but I think generally I would just check this back as I expect them to have the 467x 679x run and that they are unlikely to check fold to a river bet that completes the backdoor flush.

Posted 1 year ago
Well put @Joshk81
Posted 1 year ago
Wondering what to do poker wise, really like PLO but I know i am the worst at the table the majority of the time, down $20 at PLO2. I think i have played 10-15k hands but not sure.

When I am sat at a NL10 table its been quite frustrating recently getting crushed by 60/4 players but I think I have been unlucky and I could of lost alot more. Think I am on a downswing, considering a drop down to NL4.

Or.......... just focusing on PLO, there are just never many games of PLO and zoom is fun but 98% of the player pool is better than me. I assume plo player split the role across a few sites.

Maybe its time to go back to basics on the holdem and man up, play another 30k hands and see how I feel. Time to go back to the strategy section tomorrow night.

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