Moving from Texas to Omaha - PLO all the way

Posted 4 years ago

after I had not as much success in my NLHE journey, I will try it again at the PLO tables. While beeing on Youtube about a month ago, I saw this video by Phil Galfond about PLO:
PLO seminar

I really liked his style of teaching and his thought process during the hands, so I watched this video and others of him over and over again, until I felt confident to sit down at the tables. After some hands, I figured out, that most players have a poor starting hand selection, which brings them in difficult spots, which most of them can't handle. As I started to feel more confident, I opened up my game a bit, which had terrible results at PLO10. So I decided to go back to my tighter style and I like the results so far (made 5 Buyins in the last four days not playing that much and not running too hot). So I will try to keep playing my style and hope I will be winning even more in the future.

Thanks to forum member Craziecookie (maybe I spelled him wrong, sorry for that), will start a no fap challenge today, because I think it is consuming far too much time, which I should be using more effictively.

Why I think, I will be more successful at PLO than in NLHE:
1. The game is played much more postflop than NLHE. That means, you have more information about your own and the opponents hand, when the big part of the money goes in.

2. The game is more complex, so there is much more room for mistakes.

3. I've never been at higher stakes in PLO, so the grinding at the microstakes won't be as frustrating as in NLHE, where I just couldn't wait to get to the limits I played in the past.

4. My mindgame and overall view on life changed very much in the last months, which makes me much more confident for the future.

My longterm goals:
- Move up from PLO 10 to PLO 100
- Not tilting and not getting overconfident
- Go to the gym again (I'm in really poor condition at the moment)
- Getting a professional poker lifestyle and treating it as a job rather than a hobby
- Smoke less
- not fapping Smile

August goals:
- Play at least 10k hands (sounds not much, but I have problems multitabling PLO at the moment, so this should be an okish goal for the first month)
- Find other people to train with/talk about the game (Study group or whatever)
- Not fapping from today until the end of August
- Go to the gym at least once a week

So I will post my results, some of my training resources and funny/interesting hands here. I hope, I can elate some people for PLO, becuase it seems to me, it is even more interesting and fun to play than NLHE.

Thats it for the first post. If you have questions, just ask. I will try to post results and so on tonight after I played. I'm playing at Partypoker by the way...



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Posted 4 years ago
PLO Journey Thread sounds fun. GL. I have heard a lot of people struggle at beating micro limit omaha. Hope you do well. Smile Post some hands as well. It's fun.
Posted 4 years ago
Heard about that too. I think, the big problem in micro PLO is the rake and maybe good players trying to play too good for their opponents.
When I played a bit looser one week, I paid about 60$ rake in less than 10k hands, which I wasn't able to compensate by my winnings. That's why I choose to play tight, so I win nearly all the big pots or have at least ~70%, when the money goes in. So far nobody figured out, that I always have the nuts, when I'm willing to go get it in, so I will just keep on playing that style, until my opponents start to play better against me. You just don't have to get it in with ~50%, because you loose so much money just for the rake. There are so many spots, where you completely crush your opponents, so you don't have to take marginal spots.

I also figured out, that bluffing at the micros isn't the best idea. I saw people calling two or three big bets on semi-wet boards with an overpair, so I decided not to bluff too much.
Posted 4 years ago
Awesome to see a PLO journey go up. We have had a few start before but nobody has completed their challenge or committed to the process so i hope you stop that trend and make shit happen!

The 10k hand goal is totally reasonable and although it sounds low when playing just a couple of tables in a new game it is never going to be huge numbers but will be way more profitable to start off. Way smarter than jumping on 8 tables and just playing at like 40%.

Posted 4 years ago
I watched Phil Galfond play 2 tables of NL and 2 of PLO. I couldn't believe how tight he played on the PLO tables, folding overs like they were nothing. This would take some getting used to!!
Posted 4 years ago
Posted 4 years ago
Even folding bottom two on some boards on the flop is correct. Folding weak overpairs such as kings or queens with no additional draws is not bad as well. Definitely a very different, but very interesting game as well. I have three pdf books, which may be of use for you. PM me for more details. Also, there are couple of coaches on this website, which have some good content as well for PLO.
Posted 4 years ago
Had a few big pots yesterday. Unfortunately I don't have a HUD for Omaha right now, so I have to post hands out of my mind. I had two hands against the same player, which I missplayed a bit (at least looking at the results).

First I had AKJ8 in the BB (15$). The Shortstack (5$) limps on the Button, SB (12$) raises to 0,45$, I call and the limper calls.

Flop is A59.
SB bets ~0,90$, I call and the Button pots it (he is nearly all-in), the SB pots it again (also nearly all-in).
Having invested not too much, I decided to fold with my Nut-Flushdraw. I expected the SB to have a set, the button I put on a range of 2 pair+ and any flushdraw 10 and above. So I folded and when the two players showed their cards I was completely stunned. The Button showed Top and bottom pair with no draw, the SB showed Q923 for middle pair, a gutshot and a weak flushdraw.

After taking some decent pots from the player in the SB, he raged a bit in the chat (something like "every fcking hand"). Then I floped in a HU-pot vs. him the 2nd nut Straight on 235. He bet, I raised and he shoved for about 150 BB. Remembering the hand before, I put him on a pair+FD type hand again and called. Unfortunately this time he had the nuts and I lost.

Overall I still had a good day yesterday winning about 15$ in PLO cash games and 20$ in a 36 player NLHE Sit and Go, which I played, when there was no traffic at the PLO tables. I busted in 3rd place with A8s vs. A7, so it could have even been a bit more winnings. I will keep mixing the cash games with tournaments/SnG's, when there are no players at the PLO tables.

I'll go back to the tables now and hope to get some good hands Smile

I'll PM you Stefataa, thanks for your offer.
Posted 4 years ago
I think you should get it in first hand.
Posted 4 years ago*
Stefataa: I think you should get it in first hand.

Yes, probably I have to. Even if the SB has a set every time, it's close, because the shortstack is in the pot too, giving me odds of about 2:1 for calling. If he sometimes decides to get it in with top two, I have even more outs to improve to a better two pair.

I played very much the last two days. I think I played about 3k hands the last two or three days, so it won't be too hard to reach my goal for August.
Yesterday started very bad. I lost about 40$ in my first session, where I think I ran very bad. Luckyly I spotted a huge fish, who gave me back the 40$ I lost before. After loosing about 10$ again, I quitted realizing I didn't play my best game any more.
Today I had a great day, even though I had a pretty tough loose aggressive opponent right behind me. I played very diciplined and made a pretty big fold.
Preflop it was the SB 4 betting to ~3$. I decided to call with JJ66, because the SB and me were both over 300BB deep and I was pretty sure he had AAxx. The Shortstack also called pre for all of his chips. The flop cameAJ3, the SB potted it and I decided to fold my middle set based on my preflop read. It felt very good, when he turned over his AA54. Just showed me, that dicipline pays off in the long run, even it didn't feel good to fold the 2nd nuts in such a big pot.

Overall I'm very confident after winning most of the days this week and beeing up about 80-90$ so far. I really enjoy playing this game for hours and I don't loose focus like in NLHE, where less big pots are played. Next week I will start working at my game a bit more. Sooner or later I'll also need a HUD, giving me a bit more information about my opponents. But first I need to win some money Laugh

My bankroll so far: 226$
Posted 4 years ago*
I had another great Poker day today. Played about 1k hands in the evening winning about 40$. I had very good reads on my opponents. After watching the videos on taking notes and bluffcatching I figured out, I should have wrote those down, if I play the same opponents again. I think, I can boost my winrate huge by watching every single hand played very closely, so I can figure out, how my opponents play with bottom two/top two/sets/draws in certain spots.

I want to recommend the video of Matt Ranger (Bluffcatching in PLO) to all PLO players out here, His way of narrowing down the opponents range with his reads and explaining his thoughtprocess is amazing. The video gave me a whole new look on the game. I can't wait to see more of his videos.

Later today I played a few more hands until all the tables broke. Lost a few $, but overall the day was really big again.

Bankroll: 265$
Posted 4 years ago
Played not so much yesterday an today, but still made good profit. Today I had to play some heas-up, which was very interesting but also a bit crazy. Played against a weaker opponent. I first won two stacks, afterwards lost three or for and finally got all of the money on the table. With 56$ it was the biggest pot I won so far, although some of it was "my" money anyways. Won some more at the same table, but started to play a bit bad, so I quit for today. I will take a break for two days and start grinding on Friday again.

Can someone help me with getting Omaha Manager? I have the Samll Stakes Holdem version of Holdem Manager and would like to get the same for Omaha. I tried to get the testversion of Omaha Manager here, but always downloaded a Holdem Manager install data. Would be nice to get the trial.

Bankroll: 329$

Posted 4 years ago
My break was a bit longer than expected. When I came back home on Friday I had to realize my computer was dead, After six years of great service he was now replaced by a notebook. It's not that bad, because I can poker now, wherever I go.
I played yesterday and today about 3k hands, so I need only 1k more to reach my August goal. Next month I'll go for the 30k. Unfortunately I was only break even the last two days.

Today I started my Omaha Manager Trial. It makes it realy easy to identify the huge fishes, aggro players and regs very fast, which makes multi tabling much easier to handle. The even bigger advantage of having Omaha Manager is the ability to make quick and effecient session reviews. Analyzing my hands I found out, that I lost 505 Big Blinds overplaying Overpairs (AAxx-QQxx) against heavy action on the flop. I wil try to fix that and just throw them away, when there is too much action on the Flop and we are >100BB deep. If I manage to play better with my Overpairs in future I should do a lot better overall. I also made some notes about the other big hands I lost, Since all the other mistakes only happened once during my sessions, I'll have to check, if the same mistakes happen more often in the future or if I just wasn't playing my A game when they happened today.

Now I'll watch this video about drawing in PLO. I was really suprised, in what a bad shape some draws where, when I analyzed my hands, so I hope the video will help me to get a better feeling of when to call a bet with a draw.

Bankroll: 331$
Hands played: 9.000
Posted 4 years ago*
I played quiet a bit last week and ran really good. Nearly every day I found huge fishes, Won a few big pots, making me ready to take some shots at PLO25, Playing a few hands today, I've seen nearly the same players as at PLO10, but they don't seem to throw around with their money, if the play higher stakes. I'm really looking forward to some nice hands with more competent opponents, so I can improve my game. I feel, the players at PLO10 played so bad, that it was hard learning the game playing them.

Here is the biggest pot, I played at PLO10. The BB was a huge fish playing nearly every hand and betting all streets most of his hands.

Party Poker $10 Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 6 players - View hand 2768732
DeucesCracked Poker VideosHand History Converter

BTN: $28.45
SB: $13.69
BB: $29.61
Hero (UTG): $48.76
MP: $17.27
CO: $9.45

Pre Flop: ($0.15) Hero is UTG with JAttached Image TAttached Image 7Attached Image 8Attached Image
Hero calls $0.10, MP calls $0.10, CO calls $0.10, BTN calls $0.10, SB calls $0.05,BB raises to $0.70, Hero calls $0.60, MP calls $0.60, CO calls $0.60, BTN calls $0.60, SB calls $0.60

Flop: ($4.20) 8Attached Image TAttached Image 9Attached Image(6 players)
SB checks,BB bets $3.99, Hero calls $3.99, MP calls $3.99, CO folds, BTN folds, SB folds

Turn: ($16.17) 8Attached Image (3 players)
BB bets $15.37,Hero raises to $30.74, MP calls $12.58 all in, BB calls $9.55 all in

River: ($78.59) 4Attached Image (3 players - 2 are all in)

Final Pot: $78.59
BB mucks 4Attached Image 8Attached Image 7Attached Image 6Attached Image (a full house, Eights full of Fours)
Hero shows JAttached Image TAttached Image 7Attached Image 8Attached Image (a full house, Eights full of Tens)
MP mucks KAttached Image 2Attached Image KAttached Image QAttached Image (two pairs, Kings and Eights)
Hero wins $24.68
Hero wins $52.91
(Rake: $1.00)

Bankroll: 585$
Hands played: 13.500

Posted 4 years ago
Your BR has nearly doubled in 2 weeks!! One question.....I see you limped from UTG in that hand, is that normal in PLO?
Posted 4 years ago
BarraBod: Your BR has nearly doubled in 2 weeks!! One question.....I see you limped from UTG in that hand, is that normal in PLO?

normally I try not to open limp, although it is not as terrible as in NLHE. The reason for my limp here was, that the BB 3bet all of his hands, when opened before. I expected many players to call my open raise, so his 3bet would have been very big. Because the BB will get it in postflop most of the times, anyways, I want to keep the pot small preflop and just get it in, if I hit the flop hard enough. The standard play here is definitly to open raise.
Posted 4 years ago
Would it be so bad to get 3bet and play out of position with such a hand?
Posted 4 years ago
Sorry for not updating this. I had a terrible runbad, which made me almost cry and quit, but after getting in touch with a swedish semi-pro, who helped me working at my game a bit, I am back Smile
The last months, I grinded PLO10 and took shots at PLO25, which failed due to bad luck and tilting. So I decided to take some time to improve my game and my mental game. I worked with "PLO from Scratch", "Mastering PLO" and "The Poker Mindset", which all are great books. PLO from Scratch gives you a nice fundamental understanding of the game, while Mastering PLO goes already a bit deeper into the game (actually I haven't finished the book, because it takes some time, taking notes on everything). The Poker Mindset is a great book for players, who tilt a lot (like me). I am not really tilt free at the moment, but the book at least gave me insight on how I should think about poker. I will continue my mental work with The mental game of Poker, which offers some techniques, to work on mental game flaws and solve them.

After having trouble with sleeping (didn't see daylight for about two weeks), becuase of my grinding times, I decided to switch to Pokerstars. Partypoker offers the softer games, but I had to grind almost always in the evening/at night, so I didn't have enough time for friends and family. Switching to Pokerstars allows me to have a better life by grinding at any time I want.

My plan for December:
- grind 35k hands of PLO10 zoom
- finish Mastering PLO
- start serious work on my mental game with the methods from The Mental Game of Poker
- update this thread at least once a week

GL all Wink
Posted 4 years ago
Sorry to hear you had the poker breakdown but we have all been there before and it makes us stronger! Remember we never lose....we only learn!

The mindset is a tough thing to deal with and not many can get it right. Just practice makes perfect and sleeping well, eating well, doing things outside of poker that make you happy etc will help you improve that.

How do the Stars VIP changes effect you?
Posted 4 years ago
The Mental Game of Poker is really good. I need to get book 2 after Christmas!

Have you been playing much over the last 2 weeks?

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