Posted 2 years ago*
I like the solution of block betting also. As you said @fawltyfelix he doubtfully will turn AA or KK into a bluff anyway so you'll just get calls and have super easy fold to raises without much to risk in comparison to check/call.

One thing though I'd say is that a lot of micro players to have decent bluff raises preflop, but their post flop play sucks. But at the end of the day I don't have info on opponents here.
Posted 2 years ago
I can't say about the river obviously, which is why I posted it, but I think given that flop texture in a 4bet pot and deep, I should just bet out and overbet that turn, which would be my usual play, I only checked because it's a 4bet pot and I expected a cbet. With that board I can't see a set going anywhere at this limit, needed to get some money in the middle in my opinion a.s.a.p.
Playing it the way I did leaves to many holes to plug, too much guesswork later in the hand. I haven't studied rivers much yet. Simply put, I made it hard for myself by taking the line I did OOP, which I don't like. I think I made it tricky, rather than the situation made it tricky.

Just a point, my opinion of our friend in this hand is they're overall a better player than me, there are only a few but they do exist.

Thanks for the discussion guys, always welcome and appreciated.

Posted 2 years ago
Looking through my HM2 for a bit of study and came across this one; who plays 28/23/6 has a 3bet of 0.9% and a fold to 3bet of 99.1% over 2.4K hands? Some of the other stats seem a bit odd to. Think I'll 3bet everything trashy next session we meet and see how that goes!

Anyhooo, short session this morning, 500 hands in for +$7 with people being tight preflop and trying all the tricks post, standard Sunday. So, I'll do some more HM2 opponents stuff instead and I've been watching a two part a vid on reading and using HM2 to exploit, which has been interesting.
Nice to learn a stat-based approach as well though and useful to solidify my game a bit more, although I'm smashing the limit anyway but the more info the merrier eh?
I'm hoping I can move up by the end of the week to nl10, but that depends on how much I have to withdraw for the Mrs' birthday present, luckily she likes simple stuff so isn't hugely expensive, but then that just makes me want to spend more on her so ...

Laters, have a fun Sunday.

Posted 2 years ago*
So I asked around and the concensus was that I should bet/fold the river as check/folding makes no sense. Fair enough!

End of session now, it's beer - o - clock:

Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
$0.02/$0.05 No Limit Holdem PartyPoker
6 Players

Blinds 0.4BB/1BB6
UTG $125.6BB
UTG+1 $100.4BB
CO $150.8BB
DHero $190.4BB
SB $58.2BB
BB $100BB
6$1.4BBHero is BTNKQ
1 fold, UTG+1 raises to 3BB, CO calls 3BB, Hero raises to 12.4BB, 2 folds, UTG+1 folds, CO calls 9.4BB
CO goes all-in 138.4BB, Hero calls138.4BB
2$306BB, 1 all-in 4
2$306BB, 1 all-in 7
Final Pot $306BB
CO shows 4A Hero shows KQ
Hero wins$290.8BB (net +$140BB)
UTG+1 lost $3BB
CO lost $150.8BB

Coolered, unlucky bro. Nice of people to help a buddy out though, to be fair to them.

Attached Image

Happy Sunday to all. Sun
Posted 2 years ago
Hah, LOL hand right there, good weekend shizzle going on Party
Posted 2 years ago
Ye, snap-called and rubbed dem moneeez on mah titties.

Can't play today, got to take the mrs to the vet to get de-loused and stuff, then I'll buy her a prezzie and that'll leave my br at around $103/£80, so the shot at nl10 is looming large by the weekend methinks.

Played awesome this morning but didn't get paid off when I had it so needed to resort to actually playing a bit of poka; what is the game coming to.

Need these moves or you're leaving lots of BBs on the table: From the BB I do this with any two at all for 2/3.

Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
$0.02/$0.05 No Limit Holdem PartyPoker
6 Players

Blinds 0.4BB/1BB6
UTG $193.6BB
UTG+1 $112.4BB
CO $100BB
D $65.8BB
SBHero $120.8BB
BB $164.6BB
6$1.4BBHero is SB55
3 folds, BTN calls 1BB, Hero calls0.6BB, BB checks
Hero bets1.6BB, BB folds, BTN folds
Final Pot $4.6BB
Hero wins$6.2BB (net +$3.6BB)
BB lost $1BB
BTN lost $1BB


Need a donking out strategy as well. Too strong to setmine/fold, villain is too tight to 3bet (17/14) and we're too strong to chk/f flop, but chk/r is silly (and bloody expensive), so what's left? Chk/c postflop(?), meh, too passive and we never know if we're good if villain 2-barrels (this guy has a high cbet and barrel rate), then the BB may 'catch just a piece' and tag along for the lolz, so,

Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
$0.02/$0.05 No Limit Holdem PartyPoker
6 Players

Blinds 0.4BB/1BB6
UTG $91.6BB
UTG+1 $116.8BB
CO $215BB
D $138BB
SBHero $219BB
BB $220.2BB
6$1.4BBHero is SBTT
2 folds, CO raises to 3BB, 1 fold, Hero calls2.6BB, BB calls 2BB
Hero bets4.6BB, BB folds, CO folds
Final Pot $13.6BB
Hero wins$17.8BB (net +$10.2BB)
BB lost $3BB (net -$3BB)
CO lost $3BB

There is the option to call down and see if villain goes for three streets because their WSD is very low at 20, so maybe I could take it away on the river if villain chks since these guys can check/fold all sorts, even say KJ if the runout is favourable. They often don't have a chk/c range on rivers if WSD is that low, at least in my (nl5) opinion.

Bit risky 3 handed, so it's 'One and Done' for me, easy peasy. Any thoughts anybody?

Looks like Weaktight is making up it's own BB amounts to take the piss and I have to edit the names out for 'reasons' but woteva, I winned da moneez so take that Weaktight.

Moves like those are fun, win or lose - if I can actually remember to make them!

Have a fun Monday.
Posted 2 years ago
The truth about the second hand is that you're not going to make major money in this spot against a 17/14 guy anyway no matter what you do and lead betting strategy will be kinda hard to balance. Calling once and reevaluating on the turn is a standard that you probably shouldn't deviate from unless you gain some specific info. There should be enough cbets with air in villain's range to make calling with TT profitable, even out of position, as long as you realize that calling down a 17/14 player is probably not a way to go and you're calling two times in this spot at most against an honest nit.
Posted 2 years ago*
@MattVIP no I completely agree, I'm just trying things out and that was a nice flop to do it cheaply! I'll hopefully start getting it right eventually but it's fun to try new stuff out.

I may or may not be able to play for the next couple of days, I'm not feeling great today and my mrs is a bit down to. I did play a few hands this morning and had a laugh or three.

Sometimes, all you need is love, love, love is all you need - but a few outs helps to!

Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
$0.02/$0.05 No Limit Holdem PartyPoker
6 Players

Blinds 0.4BB/1BB6
UTGHero $147.2BB
CO $38.2BB
D $170BB
SB $35.8BB
BB $149.2BB
6$1.4BBHero is UTGA7
Hero raises to 2.4BB, UTG+1 calls 2.4BB, 2 folds, SB calls 2BB, 1 fold
SB checks, Hero bets4.2BB, UTG+1 folds, SB raises to 8.4BB, Hero raises to 55.2BB, SB goes all-in 25BB
2$96.8BB, 1 all-in 8
2$96.8BB, 1 all-in 7
Final Pot $96.8BB
SB shows KK
Hero shows A7
Hero wins$115BB (net +$57.4BB)
SB loses $35.8BB (net -$35.8BB)
UTG+1 lost $2.4BB

Gotta try harder than that guys! Emo

Anyway, since I may not be able to sit in for a day or two unless we feel better, here's the graph for the last week:

Attached Image

Green is good, we like green. Not sure how much that is but it must be around the gazillion dorrars mark for the last 2 months since starting on Party and just like Quasimodo, I only started with a cyst.
I do play a bit different it seems to, which is all good down in the trenches but I'll need to watch out for when I move up.

More to the point my game is (kinda) getting there and even more pointedly it's fun.

Have fun, I'm off for food then beers, fuk that weeding shit.
Posted 2 years ago*
When you see one limper in 300 hands, it's time to say bye-bye to the session. +$7.5 will do, I'll make up my mind tomorrow as to taking a shot at nl10 or not. I'll have to scope the games out first, there didn't appear to be many players there last I looked.

Here's me butchering another one versus a spnning top guy and fishing it out like a boss,
enjoy ...

Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
$0.02/$0.05 No Limit Holdem PartyPoker
6 Players

Blinds 0.4BB/1BB6
UTGHero $124BB
UTG+1 $180.6BB
CO $279.2BB
D $236.8BB
SB $72BB
BB $103.8BB
6$1.4BBHero is UTG4A
Hero raises to 2.4BB, 2 folds, BTN raises to 7.2BB, 2 folds, Hero raises to 22BB, BTN calls 14.8BB
Hero bets24.4BB, BTN calls 24.4BB
Hero checks, BTN bets 89.6BB, Hero goes all-in77.6BB
2$261.4BB, 1 all-in 9
Final Pot $261.4BB
BTN shows KA Hero shows 4A
Hero wins$237BB (net +$113BB)
BTN collects $24BB (net -$112BB)

I shouldn't even be raising that in games like today's, never mind compounding vrsus players who came to, 'play some poka', just ridiculous.

Broke the don't play when you don't feel good rule, init. Speechless

Laters, have fun and if you want to see how a real player does it instead of me flapping around on the beach like a stranded flounder, go see the bossman playing plo for lolz and say hi, he gets lonely at the top:

Posted 2 years ago*
nvm, sigh.

Have a fun day.
Posted 2 years ago
Well, you definitely made the best out of the bad situation. I even dig that turn check given the stack to pot ratio. I'm not sure if opening A4s is a bad idea at NL5, my gut instinct tells me 'no' but it's best to consult your database and simply check if small suited aces are profitable for you from UTG/MP. The 4bet is most certainly unnecessary though. Not that it's a bad play (you're close to the top of your folding range with a nice blocker) it's just very difficult to maneuver through if you're not sure about that A4s open, to begin with. Long story short - nice hand sir Laugh

Make sure to know exactly what you bankroll management plan is for the NL10 shot before you make it. Playing it fast and loose when you're in a shallow bankroll/heighten stress situation is not a great idea and I'm speaking from experience. Good luck sir!
Posted 2 years ago
@MattVIP Thank you for the kind words and I have little doubt you've experienced everything in the game I have and more. Jon says it's character building! Muscle

I'm losing with small suited aces from EP and MP but not bluff 4betting bluffing enough blockers ShakeLaugh With no fish and a table of agressive late position regs who are liable to re-pop it, I'm not good enough to raise that combo from there and make money but I didn't pay enough attention to my surroundings for once.

BR is a bit small but it won't stress me to take a shot and move back down again, I've been playing with between $25 - $50 (shallow enough for you? Giggle ) for weeks now because I keep pulling money off for this and that; think I've withdrawn around $450 since I started on Party a couple of months ago now.
I used to play nl4 on MPN and had to win $150 a month just to be able to go shopping for food, putting in up to 150K nit hands. Compared to that tilt inducer, this is a stress free breeze!

I'll se what the old BR is tomorrow and see if I should wait or try it but failure doesn't concern me, I'd just like to be capable of playing nl25 by the end of the year. If I'm better than that cool.

Have a good evening.

Posted 2 years ago
you been getting your free daily tickets on click and collect?
Posted 2 years ago
@Jon-PokerVIP yes I have and also been getting dumped out by the usual trash. Not a lot of point me winning a bloody seat at DTD or the bloody Carribean is there tho'!
Did cash a couple which always helps, the best being going from 1.10 donkfest to a 109 donkfest, I really didn't expect such fishiness by that level - and that coming from a whale at MTTs to!

Have some fun with your challenge to, obviously you have the advantage of having a brain so you'll surely crush plo as well. Lovin' the hype! Bowing

Moving up today if the games open but very few at nl10 so far. I may have to be overrolled for nl5 and go bash them about a for bit more!

Laters peeps.
Posted 2 years ago
Folded some big hands this morning to, this being one of the more controversial ones.

Anyone want to ship it here for 150 bigs? This guy is not folding now.

Hand Conversion Powered by WeakTight Poker Hand History Converter
$0.02/$0.05 No Limit Holdem PartyPoker
6 Players

Blinds 0.4BB/1BB6
UTG+1 $142BB
CO $52.6BB
DHero $149.8BB
SB $53.4BB
BB $68.2BB
6$1.4BBHero is BTNAK
1 fold, UTG+1 raises to 3BB, 1 fold, Hero raises to 9BB, 2 folds, UTG+1 calls 6BB
UTG+1 checks, Hero bets10.2BB, UTG+1 calls 10.2BB
UTG+1 checks, Hero bets26.6BB, UTG+1 raises to 72.2BB, Hero folds
Final Pot $138.6BB
UTG+1 wins $179.6BB (net +$88.2BB)
Hero collects$0BB (net -$45.8BB)

Smelled like slowplay to me. Exploitatitivitiviness. Kiss

Posted 2 years ago
4 combos of AK, 1 combo KK, 3 combos of AA.

He probably either has AA or AK as played.

Money in pot + combos etc, gonna have to call. If cooler then cooler, what ya gonna do.
Posted 2 years ago*
There's a few more combos actually of stuff being deeper. Hmm, AK might never raise you too. Tough spot tbh.

Might change my mind and say good exploit fold.
Posted 2 years ago*
Just played a decent session of nl10 in a (couple of parts) and it was the hardest game I've had so far! Fuk me it's all 3bet/4bet/ even fking min5bet/fold fold or call call call IP for the whole session. People floating, chk/raising blah blah blah blah blah blah and one limper every 20 hands or so.

Fuk me guys if that's a Saturday night wtf is Wednesday afternoon gonna look like! Punch

F.E. preflop, I don't fukin' think so buddy and not passive about it either!

Attached Image

Looks like I'm gonna have to take ma coat off to this fucking lot ...

.. beer, I need more beer ...

Posted 2 years ago
Decided to have a decent run at it today. I? was going to play on and off all day and put in around 10K, but unfortunately the good Lady Variance kicked my butt again and the I call, I call, I call, no ... wait .... I tank ... I BET! guys got me good and proper. It was all going so well to! Doh!

Attached Image

Never mind, there's always the beer - o clock game later for a couple of K hands, I'll get $10 rakeback this week and nl5 is always there init!

Have a fun Sunday. Sun
Posted 2 years ago
Withdrew 200 quid to buy a new desktop so no nl10 for moi for now, left with about 40 on the site and 50 in the bank. New machine is a dream compared to the old banger I had before, click a button, go put the kettle on stuff and not exagerating either.

Worst of it is I didn't save my hh so got a clean hm2 to play with again. Sigh, r.i.p. 12bb winrate. Still, more incentive to get going at it again to build that roll, init!

I may even follow @Jon-PokerVIP and bash a few rounds of plo5 out for the lolz! Let's face it peeps, if Jonathan can do it ... It wasn't me!

I was looking to move sites to, so if anyone has insight into what Betsafe is like that would be appreciated.

One good month, one, just one please, and it's nl10.

Beer - o clock and a donut or three time now, fuk the healthy lifestyle, you can keep your lettuce and couscous (birdseed)!

Laters, good luck to Jonathan - and always keep it fun. Hug

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